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What Type of Laundry Bag Do You Need?

Posted by Jamie McKay on August 26, 2020

The image shows differently coloured laundry bags

Coronavirus has changed all of our lives and with healthcare businesses all trying to adapt to this new way of life, personal protective equipment, or PPE, and laundry bags have been in short supply. It is important that you get the right kit and with different types available, what type of laundry bag do you need?

When Coronavirus Hit The UK

Although coronavirus, Covid-19, was mentioned briefly on the news at the beginning of the year in this country, it wasn’t until the end of February that the UK Government began to realise just how hard this virus could hit the UK and the effect it would have on our National Health Service (the NHS). Following this, significant changes were enforced by the Government to how we live our lives.

From the first daily Government press conference, anyone managing or working in a healthcare environment tried to stock up on any equipment they regularly used at the same time as hygiene rules were ripped up and new ones written and changed, sometimes at the drop of a hat.

Indeed, even some people not in a healthcare environment, were trying to get hold of PPE equipment, whether it was to stock up or simply to sell on.

Firstly, there were shortages of hand sanitiser and (for some reason) toilet rolls for consumers in many supermarkets.

Then shortage of PPE equipment hit the headlines daily with stories from healthcare workers struggling to get PPE.

It wasn’t just personal protective equipment that was in short supply. Many organisations were having to wash equipment even more thoroughly and soon, laundry bags were in huge demand.

Companies were donating thousands of laundry bags to the NHS, hospitals were improvising, turning pillow cases into laundry bags and an ex-nurse in Cheadle even started to make laundry bags to help out her old colleagues. 

Some people who weren’t used to using laundry bags were finding that in order to keep their staff and customers safe, they were having to buy some and the different types available left them a little bit bewildered.

So, what different types of laundry bags are there?

the image shows a soluble laundry bag

Disposable Laundry Bags

Disposable, or soluble, laundry bags are a safe and cost-effective way of moving, storing and washing contaminated laundry, or any clothing, bed linen and so on which runs the risk of being contaminated.

The bags, usually red or orange so they can be easily spotted, dissolve during the wash cycle, leaving the laundry clean and infection free, once washed at a hot enough cycle.

Hospitals and care homes will use these disposable bags as they need such a fast turnover for large amounts of laundry.

If you would like to see if you need disposable laundry bags, then take a look on our website here to see how they look and work.

the image shows reusable laundry bags

Reusable Laundry Bags

Disposable laundry bags are a bit like the plastic bin bag of the laundry world, but a more eco-friendly alternative, the reusable laundry bag is available in a wide variety of options.

Unlike the other laundry bags, Mesh Laundry bags are likely to be used in a domestic setting. They are normally used to keep some items of clothing separate from others and protected in the wash cycle, for example, babies clothing.

Sealable and knotted laundry bags are reusable bags that come in many shapes and sizes. They all share one common function in that the laundry can be sealed.

There are drawstring or knotted laundry bags that keep the laundry in the bag throughout the washing cycle, fluid proof bags that stop any linen or foul seepage from leaking in the wash and there are even laundry bags that open by themselves when put in the washing machine.

For healthcare organisations, it is imperative that they ensure they get the correct type of laundry bag for their industry.

Not all laundry bags available are suitable for use in a healthcare environment during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you manage or work for a healthcare organisation and are not sure what type of laundry bag you need then keep up to date with the latest advice and guidance from the Government here.

If your workplace is a non-healthcare organisation then the rules and regulations are less strict, but we would still recommend that you read the Government guidance and regularly check back on the Government website to see if any of the information has been updated or changed.

We Can Help Decide What Type of Laundry Bag You Need

Here at Ability Superstore we can talk you through the different types of laundry bags available and help you to decide which type of laundry bag you need.

We have thousands of healthcare products available, including a full range of fully stocked PPE equipment which we highly recommend you have a browse before placing an order.

Our team of experts will always be happy to talk to you about any of our products and give any advice and information that you need.

You can contact us free on 0800 255 0498 or 0161 85 00 884. Alternatively oyou can email us at or write to us at: Ability Superstore, The Mill, Gertrude Street, Nelson BB9 8RS.