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Walking Stick Accessories – A Guide To The Essentials For Your Mobility Aid

Posted by Mike Phipps on June 17, 2021

Several walking stick accessories, including ferrules, straps and clips  

There is a reason why walking sticks are such a popular mobility aid – they provide excellent support when moving around. But what if there was a way to make your walking aid even better?

There is! A whole range of accessories specifically designed for use with a walking stick – which will further enhance your experience of using your walking aid – is available on the Ability Superstore website!

By choosing an accessory for your walking stick, you can make your mobility aid much more versatile, fashionable, comfortable and easier to use.

However, as with many “extras”, it can be confusing knowing what each accessory is used for and what benefits it brings. So we’ve written this handy guide to tell you a bit more.

So, take a minute to have a browse through this guide and gain an understanding of the different walking stick accessories available.

How Do Walking Stick Accessories Make Life Easier?

There is no doubt that using a walking stick makes life easier. This has been proven numerous times. They can help redistribute weight to alleviate the pressure on your muscles, joints, and hands. They can also provide you with extra balance and stability, so you can walk confidently for longer.

But where do walking stick accessories come into play?

Accessories for your walking aid simply add to the convenience and benefits of a walking stick. By choosing an accessory for use with your walking stick mobility aid, you can guarantee even more comfort and less stress on your body.

What Are The Different Types Of Walking Stick Accessories?

Walking Stick Grips

A walking stick grip

Simply put, a walking stick grip helps to keep your mobility aid in place when it’s not in use. This means that you can always have your walking stick at hand, ready to be used at any time.

The walking stick grip consists of a simple triangular shaped attachment that can be clipped on to the majority of walking sticks (which have a diameter of between 1.9 cm [0.7 inches] and 2.2 cm [0.9 inches]). This grip then balances on the edge of a work surface, or table, and allows you to keep your walking aid close at hand.

Walking Stick Holder for Rollator

A walking stick holder

If you use a four wheel rollator mobility aid, or a wheelchair, but want to be able to keep your walking stick close at hand, take a look at this Stick Holder.

It’s easy to attach – simply clamp the cup part towards the base of the rollator, or wheelchair (close to a wheel, ensuring that it keeps clear of the actual wheel itself) and this holds the ferrule end of the walking stick. The other section clamps towards the top of the rollator or wheelchair and allows you to clip the shaft of the walking stick in and out as required.

Walking Stick Straps

A walking stick strap

This type of walking stick accessory is simple, but highly effective. It consists of an elasticated loop that can be attached to your walking stick around the top of the walking stick shaft, close to the handle.

The strap itself has a bigger loop that allows you to put your hand through it – the loop then stays around your wrist, which leaves both of your hands-free to carry out your daily activities, whether that's returning a library book, or paying for a coffee, with ease.

We think this is one of the most convenient accessories that you can use with your walking aid, because not only does it prevent your walking stick from falling to the ground, it also means that you never have to misplace your walking stick again, because it’s always on your wrist!

We have a great selection of walking stick straps. They come in a choice of five colours – black, brown, beige, lilac and pink – so you can pick the one that best matches your walking stick design, or your attire.

Walking Stick Ferrules

Various ferrules

When you purchase a brand new walking stick, it comes complete with a ferrule at the end of the shaft. A ferrule is attached to the end of your walking stick to prevent it from slipping under itself when pressure is applied. After a while, this ferrule becomes worn out and damaged, so it will need replacing.

Ferrules are really important and are considered a necessity for any walking stick – they are similar to tyres on a car, as they help to keep you securely in contact with the ground.

A close up of a ferrule

There is a wide selection of different ferrule styles you can choose from. Some popular ones include a Convex Expandable Ferrule which provides more grip than a standard ferrule and can fit onto walking sticks that range between 1.9 cm (0.7 inches) and 2.2 cm (0.9 inches) in diameter.

A close up of a pink ferrule

Or, for something a little funkier, this Z Type Ferrule comes in two colours – pink, or blue – to add a splash of colour to your walking stick.

A close up of three ferrules with lights in them

If you really want to stand out and make a statement, then the Flashing Quad Cane Tip ferrules are the ones for you!

Folding Walking Stick Clip Holder

A close up of a walking stick clip

If you own a folding walking stick then you will probably find this simple walking stick accessory extremely useful. The folding walking stick clip holder is a strip of moulded plastic which keeps your folding walking aid folded when not in use. You simply slip it over the folded sections (from the base upwards) and let go. The clip then keeps the folded sections of the walking stick in place until you require the walking aid again.

Walking Stick Bags

A walking stick bag

Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself not needing your walking stick at the time, but having nowhere to place it? Well, if you have a folding walking stick, then the Folding Walking Stick Storage Bag is ideal for you.

As made obvious by their name, the Folding Walking Stick Storage Bag is a small bag that can fit your walking stick inside when it’s not in use.

Please note that these bags are only suitable for folding walking sticks and can only store them after they’ve been folded down.

A walking stick bag

These types of accessories are available in a wide variety of different colours, patterns, and sizes, so you can pick the one that best takes your fancy.

All of these bags are secured either by a drawstring, or a press-stud fastener.

Walking Stick Accessories – Get In Touch!

The various walking stick categories on the Ability Superstore website

We have covered a wide range of different and useful accessories in this guide, but there is still much more to see! Click here to view our full range of walking stick accessories on our website.

If you have a question about one of our walking aid accessories, or any other product on the website, do not hesitate to get in touch and give us a call.

You can call us free on 0800 255 0498, or send us an email at or fill in our CONTACT US page.