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Travel Essentials for Holidays Abroad

Posted by Thomas Bynde on June 22, 2018

A close up of the content in an open suitcase – a shirt, camera, wet wipes, a book and some denim jeans

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Holidaying abroad is a great idea until it comes to the stress of packing (and the possibility of forgetting something!). You can make the journey and the holiday its self a little easier with our handy travel essentials.

Plane journeys are never the most comfortable, especially if you need to get a bit of sleep along the way! Neck pillows are super popular among flyers, but a memory foam neck pillow will give you the support and rest you need to feel comfortable and refreshed.

If you need a little bit of a zoom-in while reading, a handy pocket magnifier can give you that. Great for reading on the beach or a newspaper over breakfast.  If you’re wanting to read on a night flight but don’t find the overhead cabin light too harsh – this handy magnifier even has its own little LED light which will illuminate the page enough to be subtle for any sleepers around you.

The wing of an aeroplane
View of the sunset from the plane window

Hotels that offer breakfast don’t always cater for the late snoozers – with the slim talking travel clock, you’ll never miss that morning croissant again! The time is also spoken as well as a choice of 3 different alarm sounds.

If you need to take medication whether just in the morning or throughout the day, a travel pill dispenser is handy to keep on the bedside table or take around in your pocket. Keep organised and store whichever medication you need.

Some palm trees and a beach
Palm trees and ocean in the distance

It’s not always easy to stay feeling fresh in a hotter climate, sand gets stuck between the toes and sun cream can become sticky by the end of the day. If you need a quick freshen up after a flight or a day at the beach before you head back to the hotel, have some skin care wipes to hand.

Chlorine and salt water can wreak havoc on hair. Save your tresses with a funky travel hair dryer that won’t take up lots of space in the suitcase!  Some hotels offer a hairdryer in the room but if you want something more powerful and comfortable to hold, it’s always better to take your own!

Someone feet playing in sand on the edge of an ocean
Female legs in sand next to waves from the ocean