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The Great British Bake Off Is Back!

Posted by Jamie McKay on September 22, 2020


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Tonight at 8pm sees the return of disasters, terrible, ill-conceived ideas collapsing that were never going to work, and badly planned things slowly falling apart. But if you don’t want to watch Boris Jonson address the nation then The Great British Bake Off is on Channel 4 at the same time.

Best Of The Bake Off

In what has been a turbulent year, to say the least, we can take some comfort that some familiar distractions are heading or way. Helping to keep our minds off the news and letting us enjoy some much-needed joy with our friends and family.

Britain’s Got Talent is on, Gogglebox is back, the BBC has announced the line up for Strictly Come Dancing, but even better than that, the Great British Bake Off is back tonight!

To whet our appetite for the return of Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Noel Fielding, and this year’s new presenter Matt Lucas, we thought we would have a look at some our favourite moments in Great British Bake Off History.


If you don’t remember and let’s face it who can remember anything before March of this year, #Bingate actually made the front of the newspapers when it happened in 2014.

Trying to summarise #Bingate in one paragraph is like trying to spell out Nativity Three: Dude, Where’s My Donkey? in charades.

But we will do our best to summaries such a momentous event.

Contestant Diana Beard took her fellow contestant Iain Watters’ baked alaska out of the freezer. He wasn’t best pleased, chucked it in the bin and walked off the set in a strop.

After a few minutes he came back and presented the bin to Paul and Mary. Off course he was voted off the show.

Then some people complained to Ofcom and Iain went on Newsnight. Yes, he really did, look:

They really were simpler times, weren’t they?

Lion Bread!

Imagine how mind blowing it would be to travel back through time and watch Michael Angelo paint the Sistine Chapel?

Well, Bake Off viewers had a similarly exhilarating experience when they saw Paul Jagger construct a bread lion. Yes, a lion made out of bread!

Remarkably this feat of engineering, baking, and er lion, did not get Paul the coveted star baker award.

Nadiya Hussain’s Winning Speech

Nadiya is now alongside the nation’s favourite cooks, up there with Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith, and The Hairy Bikers. But there was a time when she was a contestant on the Great British Bake Off.

Over the course of that series the nation really took Nadiya to heart, and when you watch her acceptance speech, you can see why.

When James Acaster Spoke For Us All

The Great British Bake Off now has a spin off show, Celebratory Bake Off. One of the finest moments was when the comedian James Acaster spoke for everyone who has ever tried to cook a meal if you’ve got kids, to impress your partner, after a long day at work or after your 154th day in lockdown.

the images shows a gbbo meme

Mel And Sue!

Of course, we all love Noel, Prue, Sandi, and Matt but, *whispers* the first few series of the Great British Bake Off with Mel, Sue and of course Mary Berry, were the best, weren’t they?

Mel and Sue in particular always helped make the show seem less competitive and more like a bunch of friends doing their best to bake in a tent.

We could list our favourite Mel and Sue moments all day, but here a just a few reminders of why they were so popular with the viewers:

Sue: “Bakers, time to scream like Bread-vard Munch. Fifteen minutes left.”

Sue: “OK bakers, 15 minutes until your ganache hits my ga-nashers.”

Mel: “Paul and Mary would like you to tackle that classic of the 1970s – the star of thousands of drinks parties – they would like you to make vol-au-vents.”

Mel and Sue together (to the tune of English County Garden):

“What do you see when you peer through the trees in an English country garden?

One large tent and a massive silvery gent in an English country garden.

Cakes that are fairy, a judge whose name is Mary, three challenges so scary… Welcome to the Great British Bake-Off.”

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Happy baking!