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The Bigfoot Half Step

Posted by Mike Phipps on June 30, 2020

A man coming out of his front door and stepping onto the Bigfoot Half Step which has two handles in place

As we grow older, sometimes our balance is less stable than it used to be, making us more prone to trips and falls. In fact, in the UK, falls are the most common cause of injury-related deaths in people over the age of 75

One of the main areas within the home where trips and falls can take place is in and around the entrance/exit to your home.

Fitting an outside ramp can be costly and tends to require a large amount of space, and not every home has the luxury of space.

Outdoor grab bars such as the Prima Outdoor Grab Rail are fantastic for a little extra support when leaving and entering the home. Still, many people need that little something in between to help them with a steep step, or deep threshold on their doorframe.

One mobility product that can help is the Bigfoot Half Step. This has grown in popularity here at Ability Superstore and has been designed to make mobility more accessible to all.

The Bigfoot Half Step is a large half step providing a small step between the threshold and the ground outside.

This mobility aid adjusts in height between 10cm and 12cm (4 and 5 inches), helping the user to set the step to the perfect height required. The adjustable feet on the base of the Bigfoot Half Step also makes it easy to adjust the step for uneven ground, keeping the step level. The moulded non-slip tread on the top helps anyone stepping on to it secure a firm footing and can support weight up to 317 kg (50 stone).

The point which really makes this step stand out from all the other half steps on the market (and there are several of them!) is the option to add handles.

You can add one, or two handles, dependent upon how much space you have available and whether you feel that you require support on both sides, or just one, when stepping in and out of your front, or back door. These optional handles attach quickly and easily onto the Bigfoot Half Step, providing secure support.

The Bigfoot Half Step has been purpose built for the outdoors, manufactured from strengthened plastic to ensure it lasts even in the coldest winter weather, or the sunniest summer. It is built to last and will not rust.

We’ve received some great feedback from customers about this top-selling product with many stating that the handles are literally a “lifesaver”.

The Bigfoot Half Step is the perfect mobility aid to bridge the gap between the home and outside world, offering increased stability and control.

There’s also a wide range of steps, grab rails and ramps available within the mobility product range specifically designed for the outdoors; however, the Bigfoot remains a firm favourite with all of us here!