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Rollz Rollators

Posted by Jamie McKay on November 26, 2020

the image shows a woman window shopping with her rollz rollator

Windmills, Amsterdam, Van Gogh, Johan Cruyff, Eddie Van Halen are just a few of the world-famous exports to have come from Holland. We can now add Rollz rollators to this list, here we will tell you why this unique mobility aid is different from the rest.

Who Are Rollz?

Rollz are a Dutch company who specialise in innovative rollators and walking aids and their mission is “to give people the opportunity to fully enjoy life, even when mobility is not what it used to be.”

In 2010, Rollz launched the Rollz Motion, their combined wheelchair and walker, walking aid. In 2020 they now have a wide range of all-terrain walkers and rollators within their portfolio.

So, let us have a look at some of their designs and you can see for yourself why they are known all over the world.

Rollz Motion

As you can see from that short video, Rollz walkers and rollators use a unique Rollz Motion system that makes walking and moving much smoother and effortless, reducing the chance of any strain or injury.

The Rollz Motion was the first of the walkers and rollators to use this technology and it is still one of their most popular models to this day.

You will notice that Rollz walkers don’t just do all that a walking aid should, they do much more, and they look very stylish too!

Rollz don’t settle with one model of mobility aid though and they are always looking for ways to improve the walking experience for their customers, as you will see now we are going to take a closer look at some of the other innovative walkers and rollators they make.

The Rollz Flex

the image shows the rollz flex

You may be wondering why we have posted a picture of a shopping trolley. And that is exactly what Rollz were aiming for when they created the Rollz Flex.

They wanted to make a walker that would not only be the best mobility aid, but one with a big bag so that you could carry all of your groceries without having to struggle with multiple shopping bags.

The Rollz Motion technology means that navigating small spaces in supermarkets and shops is easy.

The large bag on the Rollz Flex holds up to 20kg (3 stone) which we have worked out is the equivalent of 8 large bags of potatoes!

You can find out more about the Rollz Flex from the designers themselves in this video.

The Rollz Motion Performance

the image shows the rollz motion performance

With four pneumatic tires, the Rollz Motion Performance is the ultimate all-terrain rollator mobility aid. Unlike some outdoor walkers, the Rollz motion performance looks equally comfortable in an urban setting.

Being able to convert into a wheelchair is another big reason why Rollz walkers are so popular. It is easy to switch between walker and wheelchair too. No fiddly operations with pages of instructions to follow, you can see in this video just how simple the process is.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm

the image shows the rollz motion rhythm with the smartphone app

The Rollz Motion Rhythm Rollator has been designed especially for people who have Parkinson’s disease and other forms of Ataxia.

This rollator has a very clever system to help improve movement and make walking easier.

With Ataxia, people will quite often have walking gait disturbance, this is where the normal movement of walking is hampered as the signals are not going from the brain to the muscles correctly.

So, they can feel like their feet are glued to the ground and freeze, increasing the chance of a dangerous fall.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm Rollator uses three cues to help the brain to restart the process of walking.

A laser line on the ground

A vibration in the handlebars

Rhythmic tones

Some people will respond to visual stimulus so a laser line will help, some will need to feel something in order to carry on walking and a vibration will work, and some people will respond better to sounds such as rhythmic tones.

These can be set up with the help of an occupational therapist or physiotherapist and they have an app for tablet or smartphone where they can be activated, adjusted, and monitored.

You can read all about the experience of one user of the Rollz Motion Rhythm and find out how it helped improve their walking here.

Rollz Accessories

Along with the full range innovative walkers, Rollz also make a large range of accessories.

Products include a 3 in 1 wheelchair package comprising walking stick holder and two bag holders. There are also umbrellas, footrests, backrests, cup holders and much more!

Rollz At Ability Superstore

Here at Ability Superstore, we have been proud to sell Rollz products and they are some of our most popular products.

You can browse the whole range here and you can always look at the Rollz website, if they sell a product that isn’t on our website at the moment, we will be able to order it for you.