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Practical Advice On Hand Hygiene

Posted by Jane Wade on

Photo by Burst from Pexels

Hand hygiene is widely acknowledged to be the single most important practice that helps to reduce the spread of infection and germs. Hand hygiene should be performed immediately before and after every episode of hands being contaminated including before and after food preparation and eating, sneezing or coughing and after going to the bathroom.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the UK government has advised the public to ensure good hand hygiene is practised when necessary. Adults and children are advised to wash their hands for 20 seconds (or the amount of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday) with warm water and mild soap. Hand sanitising with an alcohol-based sanitiser is also an effective way to minimise the spread of germs and clean your hands sufficiently, provided hands are not physically dirty. See our full range of soaps and sanitisers

This comprehensive leaflet produced by the BHTA in collaboration with Industry experts from our First Aid & Medical Equipment Section provides all the information on practising the best hand hygiene and when to use soap or sanitisers: “Get Wise to Hand Hygiene”

If you have any concerns, see the Coronavirus advice page from NHS or call 111. 

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