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National Hygiene Week 2nd - 8th October

Posted by Francis Whitehead on October 4, 2023

National Hygiene Week -2nd - 8th October 2023

This week, starting from the 2nd of October is National Hygiene Week, which is dedicated to promoting good hygiene practices and raising awareness about the importance of personal and public hygiene.

This week-long campaign encourages individuals, families, communities, and organizations to prioritize cleanliness and hygiene in their daily routines to benefit not just themselves but the people around them.

The Changing Seasons and Preventing Illness

There has never been a better time for National Hygiene Week, as seeing as it’s now a lot colder (and wetter!), and the kids are back in school swapping germs like Pokémon cards, you might have noticed a lot of bugs around!

Symptoms of illness include coughing and sneezing, which is the body’s way of expelling germs it’s caught. Unfortunately, this means that these germs can be spread out into the air and left to infect other people, either in the workplace or on public transport!

It’s fascinating to think just how quickly germs can spread from person to person in all different places, so we’d like to remind you of some top hygiene tips to prevent the spreading of illness.

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap or hand sanitiser (singing happy birthday anyone?)
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes using a tissue, then immediately bin it (if you haven’t got a tissue on you, cough into your elbow instead of your hands!)
  • Regularly disinfect surfaces in your house
  • Wear a face mask on public transport or crowded areas
  • Stay home if you are sick!

Brings you flashbacks to COVID times, doesn’t it? That being said, we shouldn’t only be trying to prevent the spread of illness during a pandemic, we should be prioritising good hygiene practices every day as some people are more vulnerable than others, such as those with autoimmune diseases and weakened immune systems.

Speaking of which, studies have shown that after being infected with coronavirus, there may be long-term damage to your immune system, leaving it permanently weakened. So, in a post-COVID world, preventing the spread of illness is more important than ever, as it can take a lot longer to recover from a bug now!

What’s worse is that a new strain of COVID has emerged, the Pirola variant. At this point coronavirus just seems like that one person at a Christmas party that doesn’t know when to leave.

What is Hygiene Poverty?

Charity The Hygiene Bank highlight National Hygiene Week as a way of highlighting the issue of hygiene poverty, which affects 3.1 million adults in the UK, 21% of which are disabled people.

With the cost of living crisis we are currently facing, this figure is expected to rise.

Hygiene poverty is the term used when individuals or households cannot afford the hygienic products we use every day, such as laundry detergent, toothpaste, shower gel and hand wash.

This can have a catastrophic effect on households and families, with mothers unable to wash their child’s clothes, and people left without period products. This situation can be deeply shaming, humiliating, and isolating, resulting in a lack of confidence for anyone suffering from it.

Research from the Hygiene Bank stated 50% of people experiencing hygiene poverty said that they had felt anxious or depressed, and even went to lengths to avoid seeing friends and family.

Their slogan is ‘Everyone Deserves to Feel Clean’, and their donation stations enable exactly that.

Every hygiene item someone donates will go directly to the Hygiene Bank, where anyone suffering from hygiene poverty can access to ensure they can use the basic and essential hygiene products we all use.

Ability Superstore would love to show you some hygienic products we have in stock that you could donate to the Hygiene Bank, or give directly to someone who needs them most. All at reduced prices, we want to make sure everyone is able to afford to keep hygienic. 

Disposable Aprons in Yellow - Roll of 200

Disposable Aprons in Yellow - Roll of 200

These Disposable Aprons in Yellow are a safe and efficient way of shielding your clothes and body from germs, making them perfect for carers. They are comfortable to wear and strong and tear resistant. In a roll of 200, you’ll have more than a sufficient supply!

SurSol Hand Sanitiser - 75 or 100ml spray

SurSol Hand Sanitiser - 75 or 100ml spray

We’re all aware of the hand sanitiser gels and bottles, but did you know you can also get a handy sanitiser spray? These SurSol Hand Sanitiser sprays are small enough to keep in your pocket or bag for whenever your hands need ridding of germs. It contains natural moisturisers - aloe vera and camomile - within the formulation, making it safe for regular use, making sure you don’t get the dreaded ‘chapped hands!’

For the kids, you can also get Little Monkeys Hand Sanitising Foam as a fun, safe way of keeping clean! (If you want a larger size, this Alcohol Free Sanitising Foam is a great alternative.)

SurSol Disinfectant

SurSol Disinfectant

Another offering from SurSol, this disinfectant is a powerful multi-purpose, broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-virus surface spray which cleans and disinfects all in one operation. Approved by the NHS and killing 99.9% of germs, you can be sure that this is a great product to use around the home.

Disposable 3 ply Face Masks - 10 pack

Disposable 3 ply Face Masks - 10 pack

These Face Masks help prevent the spread of germs in public areas, as well as your chance of catching them. With their comfortable 3-ply layer construction, you can have that peace of mind when going about your daily business. At the bargain price of 29p for a pack of 10, they are a steal!

Prefer them in blue? You can get disposable blue masks here!

What about black? We have those too in a pack of 25!

Get Involved

You can get involved with National Hygiene Week by making a contribution of hygiene products to your local donation station, and remembering our top tips on preventing the spread of illness.

If you have any questions about the products featured in this article, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help!