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Looking After Your Hands and Feet in Winter

Posted by Jane Wade on

Photo by Michiel Alleman from Pexels

Looking After Your Hands and Feet in Winter

Winters can be harsh and chilly, particularly in England, making it important to look after your skin. Cold winds can cause damage to sensitive skin or exposed areas of the body, particularly your hands and feet, but fortunately we have some handy tips and products to keep them protected.

In winter, your feet can often become sore and stressed due to the colder weather. You may also find that they tend to ache more due to walking around when Christmas shopping! Keep your feet happy by wearing warm yet breathable socks with shoes that fit comfortably, to prevent any sores. For help picking comfortable shoes, you can read our how-to guide here.

Daily foot care is recommended in winter, but if you can’t manage this you should aim to keep a regular routine when looking after your feet. To keep your feet healthy, always use moisturiser after washing your feet; this helps to soothe sensitive skin and keep your feet soft. Applying petroleum jelly or moisturiser to your heels is also important, as it stops your heels from cracking in colder temperatures. For help applying lotions to your feet if you struggle to bend down, take a look at our long-handled applicator.

Your hands can often feel the full force of winter, especially if you forget your gloves! Hands can become red, sore and cracked in cold weather, making it hard to do simple everyday tasks without hurting. To keep your hands in perfect condition, try and avoid using soap as this can dry your skin out more, and instead use moisturiser like on your feet. Moisturisers containing coconut oil, oats or aloe are the best for your skin.

When out and about in cold weather, it’s essential to wear gloves to prevent the cold air from causing damage to your hands. Cotton and leather gloves are the best materials to wear as gloves, as they are kinder to the skin. For wheelchair users in particular, gloves are a must to wear, especially when self-propelling. Our range of wheelchair accessories includes our durable and protective leather wheelchair gloves to keep your hands protected outdoors and avoid any sores.

Although winter can be cold and uncomfortable, it’s possible to keep your hands and feet protected from the elements with the right products and advice. For more information on foot and heel pain, read our guide here to help you find a more specialised treatment.

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