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Kitchen Aids That Make Cooking a Breeze

Posted by Martin Hewitt on October 16, 2020

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Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

It has often been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We think the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach! You are what you eat, and good, nutritional food, aids both mental and physical wellbeing. Mealtimes are also a superb opportunity to catch up with friends and family (when Covid-19 rules allow). In fact, there’s nothing like it!

However, cooking for many of us can be challenging, particularly as we get older and we’re not as nimble as we used to be. Still, with the right kitchen aids, there’s no reason why many of us can’t become a veritable Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith right in our own home!

What adapted utensils and kitchen aids can make life easier in the kitchen?
The answer is there are hundreds of mobility aids which can make life so much easier in the kitchen. Many of them have been adapted to help with some of the movements, positions, and actions that may otherwise pose a struggle whether we’re living with a disability or are struggling following an operation. When our mobility is restricted, even just a fraction, the impact can be surprisingly profound. So, even if we don’t think it, there’s a chance we might benefit from kitchen aids if we give them a try.

Kitchen aids can be furniture, too
The term ‘kitchen aids’ immediately makes us think of adapted utensils and specialised scales. However, the product range is vast and has many items that might not have immediately sprung to mind. Products like the Malvern Perching Stool, or Adjustable Height Stool can make a world of difference in terms of kitchen accessibility, either allowing us to sit or perch while we cook, or acting as dining chairs for people who may struggle with standard dining chairs, perfect if you struggle from a bad or sore back.

Mobility aids such as kitchen or dining trolleys are other examples of items which can really make a difference for those living with reduced mobility or a disability. These trolleys provide an additional work surface for cooking or keeping ingredients close to hand. They can be used to move a meal from the kitchen to the dining or sitting room, and they provide support when moving from room to room. Two of our favourite trolleys include the trolley Zimmer walker which includes integral brakes and also the Newstead Standard Trolley which blends in with most home decors, being made of wood.

Small is beautiful in the world of kitchen aids
The little things in life can make all the difference. This OXO Julienne Vegetable Peeler has an extra sturdy grip, so you’re less likely to drop or let it slip through your hands. The protective cover removes any risk of nicks, grazes or cuts. We also really like these StayPut Twister Grips which, as the name implies, can help increase friction so you can open cans, jars and bottles easily.

On a similarly sticky note, why not try the Tenura Kitchen Grip Set which can help keep chopping boards, bowls and cups still whilst in use. Again, it’s a small thing, but the benefits can be pretty significant. Just like the Can Key, a great alternative to the can opener that’s ideal for people who might otherwise struggle to get into their beans, sweetcorn or chickpeas.

The Easi-Grip Kitchen Bread Knife is a great help, with its ergonomically angled handle to keep the wrist in position, and extra-comfortable grip to reduce strain on the wrist and lower arm. You can also pick up an Easi-Grip Kitchen Carving Knife and the general-purpose Easi-Grip Forked Kitchen Knife to complete the set, pretty much setting you up with everything needed to pull off the perfect roast dinner.

Kitchen aids for blindness and partial blindness
It goes without saying that cooking, if you’re partially sighted or blind, is particularly complicated. The talking kitchen scales which clearly read out the measurements, are a big help.

Mobility aids to protect clothing
We’ve all become familiar with the term “PPE” or Personal Protective Equipment in current times, but these disposable aprons in yellow also provide a quick and easy cover-up to prevent spillages on clothing when cooking. And of course, when you’re eating, why not protect your clothes with either the Guardkleen disposable clothing protectors or one of the many washable, re-usable protectors available in a range of different colours and designs.

Making cooking accessible for all
There are many places to look for more details on kitchen aids and cooking with a disability. For starters, why not take a read of our blog, Style and Sustenance, to discover more about the benefits of adapted cutlery at mealtimes. We’d also recommend checking out Accessible Chef, for great recipe ideas, stories and news relating to cooking with disabilities.

Of course, if you would like any more information about any of our kitchen aids, then please do give us a call free on 0800 255 0498.