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International Week of the Deaf 19th - 25th September

Posted by Francis Whitehead on September 19, 2023

Text reading International Week of the Deaf 19th - 25th September 2023, with hands making alphabetic BSL signs below

From the 19th to the 25th of September, International Deaf Week takes place, organised by the World Federation of the Deaf. It is a time where everyone can come together to celebrate the vibrant and tight-knit Deaf community.

The theme for this year is ‘Building Inclusive Communities for All’. As well as those in the Deaf community feeling connected to each other, they should have every right to also feel connected to those outside it without a hearing impairment. If people come together to show awareness for Deaf people, and highlight how they are conquering their disability, it can help to better connect them to others. People can show their support by becoming more educated about how to communicate with Deaf people, contributing to positive change and breaking down stereotypical barriers and perceptions.


British Sign Language

A way of communicating with Deaf people is learning BSL, or British Sign Language. Communication is a basic human right so it’s important you can assist a deaf person by knowing some basic words and phrases. There’s a wealth of resources available online, including a phrase dictionary from, as well as video tutorials from YouTube channel CommandingHands. In this video alone you can learn 50 new phrases to assist you in your day-to-day life.

 According to Hearing Link, 1 in 6 of the UK adult population is affected by hearing loss, with about 900,000 people being severely or profoundly deaf. 6.7 million people could benefit from hearing aids but only about 2 million of those use them.

Studies show that untreated hearing loss can lead to an increased risk of:

  • Social isolation
  • Cognitive decline
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Dementia
  • Falls

Luckily for you, if your doctor, GP, or audiologist tells you that you need a hearing aid, Ability Superstore has a wide range in stock for you.


Lifemax Battery Powered Hearing Aid

Lifemax Battery Powered Hearing Aid

If you find that your independent living is suffering from hearing loss, then the Lifemax Battery Operated Hearing Amplifier could be the mobility aid for you. It comes complete with adjustable volume, with a sound output of 130dB and gain of 50dB, so you’ll be able to hear the proverbial pin drop! Everyday sounds will become clear again – indoors, or out – even the faintest whisper. The amplifier of this mobility aid fits snug and discreetly behind your ear and can be left there for the whole day without any discomfort. This item comes with 3 ear plugs, a charging station and a cleaning brush for long-term usage.


Geemarc CL100 Big Button Amplified Telephone

 Geemarc CL100 Big Button Amplified Telephone

If you suffer from hearing loss, the Geemarc CL100 Big Button Amplified Telephone has everything you need for your daily living. This mobility aid is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, so that the everyday task of making phone calls is simple, enjoyable, and accessible with up to +30db receiver volume. Its hearing aid compatibility is the perfect daily living aid for ensuring that you can hear the caller loud and clearly.

Alongside these impressive features, the daily living aid’s +4dB speech volume boost guarantees that the person you’re speaking to can hear, no matter how loud your natural voice is – a must-have mobility aid feature if you prefer not to raise your voice on the telephone.

Those living with deafness and hearing loss may also suffer from a disruption to their routine, such as oversleeping or not sleeping enough. A lack of sleep can have an abundance of negative effects and health risks, so to get your circadian rhythm in check, this may be of great use to you:


Shake 'N' Wake Extra Loud Alarm Clock

Shake 'N' Wake Extra Loud Alarm Clock

For those living with hearing loss or deafness, the Shake ‘N’ Wake Extra Loud Alarm Clock can be an invaluable gadget. This alarm clock comes with a vibrating pad that can be placed under your pillow, flashing lights and an extra loud volume that will raise even the deepest of sleepers from their slumber. It also comes with a USB port to charge your phone, so you don’t even need a spare socket!


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How will you be showing your support during the International Week of the Deaf? Ability Superstore would love to know! If you have any questions or inquiries, please do get in touch. We will be more than happy to help!