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Indoor And Outdoor Games For Everyone

Posted by Mike Phipps on August 5, 2020

Various games that are available for sale on the Ability Superstore website – including the Boccia sets, Kurling game, jigsaw puzzle, playing cards and a playing card cardholder

According to the NHS, it is recommended that all adults take some form of physical activity every day.

Who said games aren’t for everyone? Playing games have several benefits, including increased concentration, improved memory, boosted morale, stress relief, improved cardiovascular performance and lower blood pressure. Games can also encourage positive (sometimes rivalrous!) social relationships. So, it doesn’t matter about your age, let’s try some of the fun games below.

some of the Boccia equipment

Boccia (pronounced botcha)
There are several different versions of boccia, so the game can be played both indoors and out. It works in a similar way to bowls and is very popular with both young and old alike. It is now a Paralympic sport. Sadly, this year’s Paralympic Games have been postponed.

A white, target “jack” ball is thrown. Teams then take turns throwing (or rolling) their coloured balls as close as possible to the jack ball. The goal is to score more points than the other side by getting more balls closer to the target.

Boccia can be played by just about anyone. There is even a boccia grid which aids those who are visually impaired.

The boccia grid is used by the referee to pinpoint the positions of the balls in play. Players then feel the touch grid to figure out the location of the jack ball and their opponent’s balls. Then the player throws their boccia ball accordingly in an attempt to move their opponent’s ball away from the jack and trying to make sure that theirs is the closest.

some of the Kurling equipment

Kurling is a simple game that’s gaining popularity.

Most people will have seen kurling in the Olympics where it is played on ice. However, there is a version which can be played either inside or outdoors. Players take turns sliding their kurling stone across a mat in an attempt to be as close to the centre of the mat as possible. Opponents then concentrate on knocking opponents’ stones out of the way and getting their stone as close to the centre of the mat as possible.

The stones can be “helped” to move, through the use of “pushers”. The person or team with their stones closest to the centre of the target mat wins.

Egg Carton Bingo
Egg Carton Bingo is a fun game and is excellent for everyone. You only need four things – empty egg cartons, ping pong balls, a table and a few enthusiastic players!

Players are seated at the end of a table, and two egg cartons are placed at the opposite end. The goal is to bounce a ball into the egg carton. The first person to fill their egg box with balls is the winner.

For an alternative version, why not give each individual egg hole a value and the first person to reach a set score is the winner.

Bean Bag Throw
This is a classic game for all ages and abilities. Players take turns to throw small bean bags onto a target mat. The player who gets the highest score wins.

Bean Bag Throw is suitable for those living with dementia, as it encourages the use of fine motor skills and co-ordination.

Knock ‘Em Down!
Carnivals aren’t just for kids! Create your own version of this traditional carnival game at home.

Create a pyramid with some paper cups. Try having four cups on the bottom row, three on the next level above and so on. Players take turns to knock the pyramid down with either some soft balls or bean bags.

The winner is the person who knocks down the pyramid with the shortest amount of throws. Winners may not take home a giant teddy bear, but it’s sure to raise morale and is perfect for providing a fun, entertaining game combined with some physical activity.

Balloon Volleyball
Balloon games are popular because of a balloon’s slow speed when hit, making it easier for people who have mobility issues.

Try and divide an area into two (either indoors, or out) by using a rope, or some string. Opposing teams are then seated on opposite sides of the divide.

Use a balloon as a volleyball, and try and hit it into the area where your opposing team is sitting. If that team lets the balloon touch the floor, then it’s a point to you. The first team to reach 10 points is the winner.

A snakes and ladders board game

Board and Card Games
Board games are ideal for people who like to sit back, relax and have fun.

Why not try an old favourite such as Ludo or Snakes and Ladders and of course, a good old jigsaw puzzle.

One pack of playing cards provides hours of endless entertainment either on your own, with a game of solitaire, or playing against others. There are standard sized playing cards with larger than normal digits, ideal for those whose eyesight may be struggling. There are also jumbo-sized playing cards, ideal for those who may struggle to hold standard-sized cards. 

A device for holding playing cards

If you’re struggling with grip due to arthritis or a similar condition, then why not look at investing in a playing cardholder? There are several different styles available, all holding your playing cards safe, close and out of the sight of your opponent!

A yoga mat

After all this fun and excitement, it’s time to relax and take some time to chill. So, connect your mind, body and soul with a spiritual yoga session – all you need is a yoga mat.

There are lots of online yoga sessions you can follow, for beginners all the way through to advance.

Even people with limited mobility can take part, as yoga helps with balance. It’s also great for breathing exercises and daily meditation. Yoga helps to keep the mind sharp and improves overall well-being.

some scents

Studies show that meditation has the potential to increase longevity. Pair some yoga exercises with a sensory scene bundle and give yourself a positive aura!