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How to Wrap Presents If You're Visually Impaired

Posted by Natalie Simpson on November 29, 2018

The rush of Christmas can get to us all and wrapping up presents is no exception! If you’re having difficulties with gift-wrapping, we’ve got a few handy tips for how to get your loved ones’ presents sparkling.

Get all the supplies you need.

Find all the equipment, or ask a friend or carer to find it for you, that you’ll need for your present wrapping! Obviously, you’ll need a roll or two of wrapping paper, scissors and sellotape, and you might want to jazz things up a bit with some ribbons and accessories. Make sure they’re all nearby to you before you start wrapping!

Check the paper sides.

On most designs of wrapping paper, the fancy decorative side on the outside often features raised parts and glitter which you can touch to confirm which side needs to be placed face down. Once you’ve done this, you can place your present on the paper.

Cutting the paper

This can be difficult if you’re not sure how much you need. Before cutting the paper from the roll, place the loose end roughly onto the middle of the present and secure with sellotape, then flip the present over so it’s completely covered in wrapping paper. Then you can cut the wrapping paper and know that you have enough paper!

Fold the paper before you cut it 

This provides a groove to cut down. This helps you to feel where to cut the paper and it also makes it easier for your scissors to glide! Depending on your level of vision, you may want to ask a friend or carer to supervise when you’re cutting if you’re struggling.

Use adapted tools

If you have difficulty using standard stationary equipment, products like our specially designed scissors are easier and safer to use if you have a vision impairment, whilst being perfect for making your Christmas presents neat and precise!

Do you have any handy tips for preparing for Christmas with vision impairment? Let us know by tweeting us at @AbilitySStore!