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How to Use… a Bath Board

Posted by Mike Phipps on August 3, 2022

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If you have any mobility issues and struggle with getting in and out of the bath, a bath board (also known as a shower board) is a helpful mobility aid that will help you to keep your independence.

A bath board with an attached red support handle is positioned over a bath

Bridging both sides of the bathtub, bath boards give you a place to sit while washing, meaning that you don’t have to lower yourself to the bottom of the bath, which can sometimes be a struggle. 

Bath boards also make it easier for you to lift your legs over the sides of the bath and into the bathtub, and are a mobility aid that many occupational therapists recommend.

What are the Benefits of a Bath Board?

Using a bath board allows you to safely transfer in and out of the bathtub.

Ability Superstore sells bath boards that are light, long-lasting, and robust. They provide a stable place where you can relax while washing, giving you a bathing aid that can help you feel confident and safe when getting into and out of your bath.

A bath or shower board is a simple mobility aid to install. Some boards have adjustable feet, which means the board can fit a multitude of different-sized bathtubs.

What are the Different Types of Bath Boards?

The Kingfisher Bath Board With Support Handle and the Moulded Bath Board With Handle

Ability Superstore offers a wide range of width-adjustable boards that can be used on many different bath types, such as the Kingfisher Bath Board with Support Handle and the Moulded Bath Board with Handle.

Where the width of the board isn’t adjustable, you will find that many bath board manufacturers create these mobility aids in various widths, so you are sure to find one that will fit your tub.

A close up of a grab handle on a bath board

Some of the boards Ability Superstore offer include grab handles, or sometimes there is a option of buying a handle as an additional extra.

The – Etac Fresh Bath Board with Handle – 74 cm (29 inches)

Grab handles offer a little more support when getting into and out of a bath, and some of the mobility aids that are available with handles include the Etac Fresh Bath Board with Handle and the Etac Rufus Plus Bath Board.

Are Bath Boards Easy to Install?

Yes! Bath boards with fixed widths require you to simply remove the packaging and to position the board over your tub.

Boards that have adjustable feet are just as easy to fit. All you need to do is place your board on your bathtub and move the “feet” so they are placed firmly against the tub's sides.

Is There Anything I Should be Aware of When Buying a Bath Board?

When choosing a bath or shower board, you must carefully check the width of your bath to ensure the board will fit.

The fit needs to be firm and secure to avoid movement while sitting on it.

How to Use a Bath Board

A graphic that shows an outline of a woman sitting on the edge of a bath board, thats positioned over a bathtub

Make sure you are lined up with the board so that your bottom will be in the centre of the board when you sit down. 

Next, slowly lower yourself onto the board.

Shuffle your bottom towards the centre of the board. Doing this will allow you to lift your legs over the sides and into the bath.

A graphic that shows an outline of a woman sitting in the centre of a bath board, thats positioned over a bathtub. The woman is lifting one leg into the bathtub

Once you are sitting in the middle of the board, lift one leg over the edge of the bath…

A graphic that shows an outline of a woman sitting in the centre of a bath board, thats positioned over a bathtub. The woman has lifted both of her legs into the bathtub

… then do the same with the other leg.

To get out of the bath, shuffle slowly forward to the edge of the board. When you’re ready, lift one of your legs over the side of the tub. Once done, raise your other leg over the side of the bath. Now, make sure both of your feet are flat on the floor and stand up.

Is There Anything That Might Help Me to Wash More Safely?

Grab rails are a superb addition to any bathroom if you feel you could do with a little more support, particularly ideal when showering.

5 different bathroom grab rails that are availanle for sale on the Ability Superstore website

There are even grab rails that can be securely fixed just with suckers, meaning that you won’t have to use screws or drill any holes into the walls to hold the grab rail in place. You can see our vast range of grab rails if you click here.

Can I Use a Bath Seat with My Bath Board?

Yes, you can. Bath and shower chairs allow you to have a seated position a little further down in the tub. This means you can have some of your body submerged in the water.

5 different baths seats

To use both the bath or shower board and a bath seat, you need to place both into your tub. Follow the instructions for using a bath board, as above. Then, once you are sitting in the middle of the bath board, grab the side of the bath and gently lower yourself from the board onto the seat.

To get out of the bath, you may find you need some upper body strength. All you do is reverse the process so, grab each side of the tub and gently raise yourself from the seat onto the centre of the board. Then you follow the instructions above on how to get out of the bath when using a bath board.


Bath lifts are an alternative to bath boards and bath seats and will also help you get into and out of a bath without risking a fall, slip, or causing any discomfort 

3 different types of bath lifts

There is a large variety of lifts to choose from including reclining ones, inflatable bath cushions and non-reclining lifts. 

Ability Superstore also sells a range of bath lift accessories, including swivel seat options, spare controllers and chargers, all dependent on the make of your bath lift.

Things to Remember

Always check any mobility equipment you have, ensuring bath board legs are positioned firmly against the tub's sides.

Also remember to check the maximum user weight so you know that the bathroom aid you intend to use will be able to safely support you.

If available, follow the instructions and details provided in the package by the manufacturer and always seek assistance if you have any difficulty.

A Wide Choice

Our website has a large selection of bath and shower boards and bath seats. If you would like any advice, or help with your purchase, then you can speak with us either by our freephone telephone number – 0800 255 0498 or by filling in our Contact Us form, which you can access if you click here.