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Tired of Nuisance Calls? The CPR Call Blocker – V10000 Can Help

Posted by Mike Phipps on July 20, 2022

Half of the image shows a man in a dark grey hoodie and tracksuit bottoms - he is looking at his mobile phone; the image looks very menacing. In the other half of the image is a picture of the Call Blocker machine

Friend Or Foe?

Do you think of your telephone as a friend or a foe? 

A man, woman and two children (male and female) are all standing in the kitchen. The man is holding out his mobile phone and the whole family are looking at it, smiling, as though they are talking to someone on the phone

When your phone rings, do you pick it up hoping to hear the voices of friends, family, maybe the happy voices of your grandchildren chatting about their day, connecting you to their world?

A silhouette of a man holding a mobile phone. The background is bright red signifying danger

Or, do you pick it up with a feeling of dread, knowing it might be yet another stranger intent on causing you distress by trying to encourage you to buy something you don't want? A persuasive fraudster trying to trick you into giving away sensitive information like bank details.

Nuisance calls are becoming more and more frequent, and scammers and fraudsters are becoming more and more successful in tricking people.

Scammer's tactics are sophisticated and relentless, and the more success they have, the bolder they become. But you don't need to feel helpless – we have something that can help.

Don't Despair – Help Is Available

The Call Blocker – V10000 is on a wooden desk, next to a telephone

If you want to stop nuisance calls and regain control of your personal and private space, simply install a CPR Call Blocker – V10000. This mobility aid will do the job calmly, efficiently and instantaneously.

Nuisance Calls

First, let's look at the sort of nuisance calls and scams you might be getting.

Charity Scams

These often occur after there has been a disaster and well-known genuine charities are asking for donations. What could be more natural than getting a call asking if you would be kind enough to donate? The person calling lulls you into thinking the call is genuine, and once they feel you are sympathetic to their request, they start asking for details about your bank. 

Offering Technical Help

This scam is often used to try and get you to give the person calling your internet password. If the scammers succeed, they will then be able to access your computer and get hold of all of your important information.

Fraud Investigators

Similarly, this is a ruse that also tries to fool you into giving away your internet password.

Lottery Scams

Never believe anyone calling to say you have won a lottery, especially when they try to get you to part with sensitive information.

Bank Scam Calls

Beware people saying your bank account is no longer secure and suggesting you move your money to another account. Because, as soon as you agree, they’ll ask for the information to make it happen. Once they have this, the scammers will access your account before the phone call is even finished.

A montage of men and women all looking worried

All the scams mentioned are commonplace, and there are many more. Sometimes, it can feel as though the whole world is out to get you, and it is both frightening, worrying and upsetting.

It's even worse if you are elderly, trusting and vulnerable. Sometimes, modern technology seems unbelievably challenging. But as I mentioned earlier, help is at hand. There are things you can do.

An elderly couple standing behind a work counter - they are both smiling and look very happy. The Call Blocker is on the work top

One easy and straightforward thing you can do is to install the CPR Call Blocker – V10000 to your landline phone, which will sort the problem for you in an instant. It's simple, relieves stress, and gives you back your independence. All unwanted calls can be blocked.

How The CPR Call Blocker Works

The CPR Call Blocker – V10000 is an incredible daily living aid which easily plugs into your landline and cordless phone.

CPR, who are specialists in phones and electronics, have designed this disability aid in such a way, that it is simple to set up and simple to use. The instructions are straightforward, and the action buttons are clearly marked and easy to operate. It is ideal if you have poor memory, are living with dementia, or are simply not good with new technology. 

Clearly Marked Buttons

A close up of the Call Blocker and the clearly marked action buttons

There is a BLOCK button if you wish to block a call. A DELETE button to delete a call, and another button enabling you to review your recent calls.

The screen on the Call Blocker

The CPR Call Blocker has a clear visible 7.6 cm (3 inches) display, so you can quickly see who the incoming caller is, giving you time to pick the receiver up or, if you don't recognise the number, you can simply block the call.

If, by chance, you block a genuine caller by mistake, then it is simple to unblock it.

This mobility aid comes pre-programmed with 10,000 of the worst nuisance call numbers, so you should see a difference in the number of nuisance calls as soon as you install the machine.

A picture of the Call Blocker, viewed from the top

The CPR Call Blocker – V10000 protects you and your family from unwanted calls, scams and fraud, providing you with security and peace of mind in the home. 

This mobility aid is compatible with all landline phones. It's also simple and quick to connect and doesn't need mains power, as it utilises the power from your phone line and comes with lifetime technical support.

Please note: Caller ID services from your network provider are required for this product to function.