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Here Comes The Sun

Posted by Jamie McKay on May 3, 2023

Here Comes The Sun

Without wishing to tempt fate, the weather does seem to be getting warmer and that means more al fresco dining, barbecues and generally pretending that we don't live in Britain, where it rains most of the time.

So, if you are inviting friends over for a few drinks, a family barbecue, or just enjoying your morning cuppa in the garden – Ability Superstore has some nifty ideas and mobility aids to help make life easier.

We Are Family

Aunt Gladys might be enjoying seeing you and the kids for the first time since ‘that’ incident in 2019 involving a bouncy castle and the chocolate fountain, but topping up her drink (and everyone else's) can be a tricky job, especially if you are having to contend with dogs/cats/children making the trip to the kitchen and back an obstacle course so hazardous it will end up as a gameshow on ITV2.

The Topple Tray will help keep bottles, cups, glasses, mugs, and hamsters steady as you attempt to keep everyone inebriated or hydrated (or both in Aunt Gladys’s case).

Along with the Topple Tray, we also have several stylish plates and dishes to help you keep everyone from getting hungry and also to help stop food from spilling

Nothing stops a party quicker than the stunned silence after everyone hears a glass being dropped (apart from if someone tells Alexa to play Phil Collins), which is why the unbreakable glasses are such an excellent idea (unfortunately, they won’t stop Phil Collins though). There is an unbreakable tumbler and beer glass to choose from.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Keeping warm in the Great British Spring/Summer heat isn’t always easy, especially after the sun disappears for the day. So, you might like to keep warm with some portable patio heaters.

You may even be tempted to go on a picnic in which case our luxurious picnic blankets and cool box will keep you comfy and your drinks cool.

Walking On Sunshine

If you are planning on working up an appetite in the garden or getting your garden ready for a get-together, our range of gardening aids could be just the ticket.

For those who need a bit of help getting around in the garden, we also have folding summery sunny walking sticks, that won’t take up too much room and will add a touch of colour and class to any outdoor occasion!

TikTok On The Clock

Just in time for the Coronation, we have launched our long-awaited TikTok channel! In our first video, we are featuring the Crowning Glory Cane especially designed by Classic Canes to commemorate the upcoming historical occasion!

Head over to our page to follow us for more exciting product content!


@theabilitysuperstore Available just in time for the celebrations! Be the talk of your street parade today 🇬🇧👑☕ #TiktokBusinesses #UKSmallBusiness #abilitysuperstore ♬ Little Britain (Opening Theme) - Sid & the Comeds

Of course, we could go on and on about all of our products, but we are sure you have barbecue meals to plan and didn’t you say that you were going to try that homemade hummus recipe you’ve had since the first lockdown?

For more information on any of the Ability Superstore items and mobility aids please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to help.