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Guide To Postoperative Care Aids

Posted by Mike Phipps on May 24, 2019

What type of postoperative care equipment is there? 

When recovering from an operation or injury, you may need a little assistance with independent living at home. Depending on the type of operation and your required needs, daily living aids can offer the required assistance when moving around your home and doing the daily tasks needed. 

  • Reachers/grabbers to prevent bending or overreaching when picking up objects and dressing aids such as dressing sticks and sock aids can provide a helping hand while putting on clothes
  • Raised toilet seats can help make nipping to the loo more comfortable as the raised height prevents sitting too low
  • Urinals are ideal for bed rest or if you may struggle to get to the toilet urgently while bottom wipers can offer an extended reach for personal cleansing
  • Bath boards & shower stools offer a supportive platform for seated bathing and showering
Various mobility aids

These types of independent living aids are perfect for postoperative recovery at home as they are portable and don’t need to be fixed or fitted allowing them to be removed when necessary or even taken on travels. 

If you are unsure of what type of assistance you will need at home, ask your doctor or occupational therapist how your mobility will be affected. This will enable you to gather an idea of what products you will require. Items like rollators are great for providing support when walking and moving around, whether it is outdoors or inside. Most four-wheel rollators also come with a handy seat and are great for long-term recovery.

When it comes to grooming and regular tasks such as hair washing, if you are finding that your reach may be limited, a simple washing aid such as long-handled sponges and brushes can offer that extended reach you may need. Grab rails are also a great way to provide stability when moving around the house. Non-permanent solutions such as suction grab bars can be applied to tiles in the bathroom and offer support when showering or bathing. The suction cup feature allows you to easily remove or move the grab bar when needed.

For more helpful items to assist with recovery after surgery and injury, see our full range of postoperative care aids