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Guide by Condition: Stroke

Posted by Mike Phipps on December 10, 2018

Understanding the causes and life after a stroke

Guide by Condition: Stroke

Understanding the factors that can cause a stroke can lower the risk of one occurring. For people recovering from a stroke, treatment, therapies and mobility aids can help provide assistance and support.

What is a stroke?

A stroke essentially occurs when a flow of blood travelling to the brain is disrupted, usually caused by blood vessels becoming blocked, meaning that vital nutrients and oxygen are prevented from reaching the brain. This can affect different parts of the brain and cause different symptoms, such as weakness on one side of the body, slurred speech, dizziness and loss of memory.

What can cause a stroke?

There are a number of significant risk factors that can cause a stroke, including smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and a history of heart disease. Also, people who have had a stroke before are at a greater risk of having another. By following a healthy diet and exercising, you can lessen the risk of a stroke occurring.

Recovery and treatment for symptoms of a stroke

Depending on the severity of the stroke, the recovery can differ from person to person. Some people may see fairly quick improvements in the first few weeks after a stroke, but more major strokes can cause permanent damage, including loss of mobility. While this can alter a person’s life, it is possible to re-develop skills and find help in family, friends or carers.

Rehabilitation and recovery often take the form of physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy, depending on the symptoms of the stroke. Here, the individual can gradually build up their strength in the weakened side of their body, recover their speech if it slurred and learn how to manage the day to day tasks again. Recovery methods and time can differ depending on the severity of the stroke.

Our wide range of products can provide assistance and support whilst recovering from a stroke. If physical strength and dexterity are affected by a stroke, our range of hand exercisers can help to build up strength in an easy and comfortable way, whilst our wide variety of mobility aids are perfect for individuals with a loss of mobility. Additionally, we have discreet incontinence products that can help if incontinence is an issue. Our mobility aids can help to make life after a stroke much easier and aid in rehabilitation and recovery.

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