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Guide by Condition: Hearing Impairment

Posted by Mike Phipps on December 10, 2018

Understanding and living with hearing impairment

Hearing Impairment

Hearing impairments are incredibly common as around 10 million people in the UK are affected by a form of hearing loss. For permanent hearing loss, cochlear implants, hearing aids and hearing products can help to make everyday life easier.

What is a hearing impairment?

A hearing impairment or hearing loss affects around 10 million people in the UK and prevents sounds from being completely transmitted through the ear. For some people, the hearing impairment may be temporary and not a serious problem; however, for others, it can be a permanent condition that requires mobility aids to help with daily tasks.

What causes hearing impairments?

There are many different reasons why a hearing impairment can occur. Some individuals may be born with a genetic condition which results in a lifelong hearing loss, whereas others may experience hearing loss later in life. Hearing loss can occur due to old age, being exposed to loud noises for a long period of time or sudden hearing loss being caused by a viral infection of the inner ear. A gradual hearing loss may be caused by something in the ear, such as fluid or a build-up of skin cells.

Living with hearing impairments

Depending on the severity of the hearing impairment, it can affect day to day life differently. Some individuals may find it difficult to hear others speaking, particularly when there’s background noise, whilst some may hear ringing and buzzing sounds like tinnitus. The degree of impairment can also differ from person to person, as some people may be able to hear slightly where others cannot hear at all.

Treatment for hearing impairments

Temporary hearing loss can be helped by treatment with medicine or a simple procedure, which works for earwax blockage. For permanent hearing loss, treatment like hearing aids or cochlear implants can make a huge difference to hearing, as they help to amplify noise and make hearing much easier. Individuals with permanent hearing loss who cannot hear at all may want to learn sign language or lip reading as an easier way to communicate.

Our wide range of hearing aid products is perfect for providing assistance to individuals struggling with their hearing impairment. Amplified phones help to make phone conversations easier to hear, whilst maintaining the discreet appearance of a regular telephone, and our other amplified products like our induction loop system help to provide assistance around the home.

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