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Five Positives of Going Outdoors In Autumn

Posted by Jane Wade on October 25, 2018

A picture deep inside a forest where all of the leaves on the trees have autumn coloured leaves
Photo by Valiphotos from Pexels

With autumn upon us, it can be a shock to go outside with the lack of the summer weather. The shorter days along with the cooler climate means that autumn isn’t everyone’s favourite season, but there are plenty of positives of taking a quick stroll this season — even if it’s just down the road.

Enjoying the fresh air is a simple and easy way to enjoy autumn, with added health benefits too. As long as you’re wrapped up safe and warm with plenty of layers, the beautiful autumnal air has that perfect bonfire-tinged scent mingled with the crispness of the season, which is guaranteed to blow away the summer blues.

Embrace the peacefulness of a cooler day. Whilst most outdoors spots are busy and bustling in summer, it’s easier to enjoy the atmosphere when visitors are tucked up indoors and there’s room to navigate woodland paths. A local park is ideal, as they are generally flat and wheelchair-accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Observe nature at its best, as the weather transitions from summer to winter. Autumn offers stunning scenes of burnt reds, oranges and yellows, thanks to the falling leaves, which contrast beautifully with the usually-grey sky. Going outdoors to view this shift in nature is reason enough to venture out this autumn!

Light exercise helps to keep away any signs of flu, as it helps to improve your immune system and keeps you healthy throughout the winter holidays. Just 30 minutes of strolling, stretching or pedalling a day can improve your health significantly, and we’ve got some great exercise products to help you with that.

Have a treat waiting for when you get home! Keeping a toasty bowl of soup or a comforting hot drink waiting in your kitchen cupboard is motivation to keep up your autumnal outings, whilst also providing the perfect way to defrost and warm you up when you get back. Check out our dining section to find the ideal treat holder for you!

Venturing outside can be a struggle if you live with reduced mobility, but the right mobility aid can make it easier to enjoy the great outdoors. Check out our extensive mobility range here, perfect for enjoying the autumn scenery.