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Festival Survival Guide

Posted by Francis Whitehead on June 8, 2023

A large crowd of people facing a stage emitting a warm, orange glow. Above is text that reads "Festival Survival Guide".

It’s Festival season once more, with hair-raising headliners, rowdy crowds, tarnished tents, and lots and lots of mud right around the corner. To some people, an absolute nightmare, but to others it’s heaven on earth.

The thought of seeing your favourite artists (hello Rick Astley 🤩) up on the big stage is enough to send you into a frenzy, but how can you go in all guns blazing if you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into? That’s where our Festival Survival Guide comes in handy.

Accessibility in Festivals

Text reading 'Accessibility in Festivals: Dedicated Accessible Campsite, BSL Interpreters, Fridges for Secure Medication Storage, Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms' featuring illustrations of a tent, two adults communicating in British Sign Language, a green fridge and a person in a wheelchair

Firstly, it’s good to know that most festivals have a wide range of accessibility options and facilities for those with disabilities and impairments.

Festivals such as Glastonbury have a dedicated accessible campsite, BSL interpreters, fridges for secure medication storage, and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, so you can have that peace of mind knowing you’ll be provided for, and you’ll be able to experience the sounds and sights of the festival like every other member of the crowd.

Personal assistants to those with disabilities and impairments also won’t have to shell out for another expensive ticket with the Disabled Access Scheme, which ensures they can apply for a free ticket after filling out an application form.

This was introduced under the Equality Act of 2010 after reports from charity organisation Attitude is Everything found deaf and disabled people had the following challenges:

  • 82% had experienced problems booking access.
  • 79% had been put off buying gig tickets due to problems booking access.
  • 73% had felt discriminated against when trying to book access.
  • 11% had considered legal action.

 According to Festival Latitude’s site, accepted forms of documentation are:

  • DLA (Care and/or mobility)
  • PIP (Personal Independence Payment)
  • A medical professional’s letter
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • War Disablement Pension
  • Deaf or blind registration
  • The Nimbus Access Card
  • Blue Badge (Permitted for parking requests only)

Everyone who successfully applies for access will be sent an email before the event containing all the information you need, including route distances, charging points, accessible toilet and platform locations, opening times and more.

We recommend you print this information off to take with you, so you can feel a bit like a pirate about to find a treasure chest… except that treasure chest just so happens to be a very large portaloo.

The Essentials

If you’re going to be camping for a festival, you’ve got to take into account that all the creature comforts of home like your kettle, shower, and bed are going to be a distant dream away from you.

There’s nothing quite like “roughing it” out in the fields, until you’re dehydrated, overstimulated, and worst of all, a bit smelly.

Fear not, because we have solutions to all of these problems!

Safe Sips - Reusable Drink Covers

Safe Sips Reusable Drink Covers - Red and Yellow covers with straws fitted on blue tumbler cups.

You've just paid £2.50 for a mineral water to get you started, Robbie Williams has opened with 'Rock DJ', you're in the zone and getting your boogie on.

The only problem is, as much as you want to swing your arms around as if an intruding wasp has just entered your proximity, your hands are a bit full.

Luckily the Safe Sips can ensure you won't spill a single drop. They are made from food-grade BPA-free silicone, and will stretch over virtually any cup, mug, glass, or can, creating a water-tight seal to prevent 80p's worth of a spillage!

Be a good spill-free Samaritan today (unlike the people next to you... or behind you...).

Deluxe Travel Ear Plugs

Deluxe Travel Ear Plugs: Two blue ear plugs, their packaging and a small plastic travel tub.

Music, especially live music, has a world of benefits to the body and mind, including reducing anxiety and depression, boosting serotonin, and improving your mood.

These benefits are all well and good until the Foo Fighters have burst your eardrums 5 minutes into their 2 hour set, and a rather tall and very enthusiastic man is screaming every lyric off by heart directly behind you.

This is where the Deluxe Travel Ear Plugs come in extremely handy. Listening to music above 85 decibels for extended periods of time is bound to have a negative effect on your hearing, so ensure your safety by keeping these on hand throughout your festival fun.

They come in a small, portable, and durable plastic tub that can easily fit in a pocket or funky zebra print bum-bag. No more sleepless nights from a group of 6 pulling an all-nighter in the tent next to you!


Bath in Bed Wipes

Bath in Bed Wipes.

You know how we mentioned about the creature comforts of the home earlier? You can say goodbye to your usual bedtime routine of exfoliating face scrubs and cherry blossom-scented shampoo.

Yes, most would say in the world of festivals, it’s all about the essential “pits and bits” wash. Enter the Bath in Bed Wipes.

These antibacterial hygiene aids can be used to cleanse the skin, scrub off mud and dirt, and eliminate your, ahem… odour. They are also moisturising, gentle on all skin types, and require no water, so you can ensure you can feel squeaky clean for every day of your festival stay.

Waterless Nilaqua Wipes

Waterless Nilaqua Wipes in their sealed, transparent packaging

And for those who want an even more portable pong-free solution, these Waterless Nilaqua Wipes are for you. The wipes are small and compact in size but expand to a full-size flannel when water or no-rinse body wash is added, allowing you to keep fresh and festival-ready no matter the mud.

Lifemax Foldaway Portable Light

The Lifemax Foldaway Light, the angled, circular lamp folded out from it's cylindrical base.

Picture this, it’s 3 in the morning, you’re beginning to feel the effects of all that £6 cider, and you really need to nip to the loo.

It’s pitch black and tents surround you like some kind of obstacle course on ITV2.

Sounds like you could do with the Lifemax Foldaway Portable Light. If you provide its beefy USB rechargeable 2,000mAH battery with a full charge before you take it with you, it not only ensures your way to the facilities can be fully lit up, but it can also recharge your phone as a power bank.

No need to decide which acts you want a picture of as you ration your battery!

Simplantex Universal Wheely Mac

Ability Superstore Staff Member Carol sat in a deckchair, wearing the Simplantex Wheely Mac, with the sun setting on a festival field behind her.

Despite summer being festival season, there’s no denying that British weather can strike at any time, and before you know it, you’re drenched head to toe while waiting for Ed Sheeran to tune his guitar.

More versatile than Paul McCartney’s discography, it’s the Simplantex Universal Wheely Mac. It keeps you warm and covered head to toe no matter how adverse the weather conditions may be.

This mobility aid is sleeveless and comes with the option of an extremely warm, quilted, thermal fleece lining so you can guarantee you won’t even shiver.

Plus if the sun decides to have his bucket hat on, the front can be fully removed and taken off. Perfect for those in the accessible areas!

Adhesive Washproof Plasters

Adhesive Washproof Plasters, the box is open showing all the plasters in their individual packaging. Also visible are all the different shapes of plasters.

If no one in your party brings one of these, make sure you do! Our Assorted 100 pack of Adhesive Plasters are THE essential for any kind of festival mishaps.

With all the mud and sludge you may come across, it can be very easy to take a tumble, but with these, you can ensure that any slips, falls, and other moments that wouldn’t look out of place on You’ve Been Framed can be attended to.

With many different sizes, it doesn't matter how big or small your cut or graze is. And with them being wash proof, you can guarantee no rain will make them budge.

Festival Frolicking

There you have it, our Festival Survival Guide. You can also watch it on TikTok by the way.

Make sure wherever you go this year that you have all the essentials with you, all conveniently available from our online shop!

So go on, pack your funkiest jumpsuits, face paint, and welly boots, and have the time of your life! 

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