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Father's Day

Posted by Francis Whitehead on June 18, 2023


Father carrying child on his shoulders with black text reading 'Father's Day'

Father’s Day takes place on Sunday the 18th of June, and is a national holiday to celebrate the men that have embraced fatherhood in their lives, be it your dad, your uncle, your grandad or your stepdad and thank them for the sacrifices they make, and for their devotion to their families. You might even be a father yourself! If you are, you’d know how rewarding it is to be blessed with a family right before your eyes.

What does your dad mean to you?

You inherit a lot of things from your father, some genetic, like the colour of your hair or your eyes. Others are things like your favourite football team (come on Burnley!). You may have inherited a passion for work from them, as well as your morals and life lessons.

There’s no doubt that they have made a massive impact on your life somehow, and you might have a lot to thank them for. They may work hours on end to keep a roof over your head, and they may take time out of their day to give you a well-needed pep talk.

They might install a shelf for you, working their DIY magic in return for you resetting the broadband router for them and being praised as a tech wizard. Not to mention teaching you how to ride a bike, tie your shoelaces and have a clean shave (after a few unsuccessful attempts… ow!)

Either way, it’s undeniable that there’s no better time to show the father figures in your life how much they mean to you and thank them for everything they do. That’s why we at Ability Superstore want to show you some fantastic gift ideas.

Unbreakable Beer Glass


the unbreakable beer glass

For dads who like to crack open an ice-cold lager after a long day’s graft, this is the ideal gift for them. The Unbreakable Beer Glass is exactly what it says on the tin, an absolutely indestructible beer stein that can withstand any classic clumsy dad moments.

It’s made out of tough Triton glassware to make sure not a single drop of cool, cool ale is spilled. They can keep it on their workbench, in their shed or man cave knowing that they won’t have any mess to clean up in case an inevitable accident occurs. It can hold up to 710ml so there’s room to spare for a pint.

Sleeved Fleece Cosy Blanket


the sleeved fleece cosy blanket

For those dads who love to put their feet up and watch Countryfile, the Sleeved Fleece Cosy Blanket is the perfect gift for them.

Not only does it keep you warm and snug, but you can also have free usage of your arms so you can eat, drink, or flick through the telly (or digi-box as your dad might call it!). In a big universal size and machine washable, this is ideal for any telly-loving dad.

Folding Wooden Bed Tray

the folding wooden tray

Picture this, it’s Father’s Day morning, and you’re presenting the most impressive fry up you could possibly make, complete with 4 slices of toast and a cup of tea, bringing it to him in bed on this Folding Wooden Bed Tray for the perfect treat.

No more crumbs on the mattress cover for him! This tray isn’t just for breakfast in bed either, it’s also perfect for reading and writing, all from the comfort of your pyjamas.

The crafted wooden legs on this living room aid fold out, so you can get it in the best position over your legs. The surface of the tray is laminated, making it very easy to clean too.

For those that find Father’s Day difficult

Ability Superstore also wants to express support and visibility for those that find Father's Day a difficult day. Perhaps you have lost your dad in your life or have a difficult relationship with him.

Maybe you never had the chance to even know him at all. For those who find their grief to flare up on this particular day, Childline recommends that you:

“Use Father’s Day as a way of remembering your dad and doing something special for him.

If you live nearby, you could visit his grave to lay some flowers or leave a photograph. Or you could go somewhere or do something that you had enjoyed doing together.”

Get in Touch

Whichever way you may be spending Father’s Day, Ability Superstore would love to know. Get in touch with us today and let us know about the father figures in your life!