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Explore Our Range: Dietz Taima XC Rollator

Posted by Andrew Chapman on January 14, 2022

The Dietz Taima XC Rollator might be hard to pronounce (hint: it's pronounced deetz-tie-ma) but, it's incredibly easy to use. With its combination of air filled tyres, comfortable grips and a sturdy frame, this rollator will not steer you wrong. Let's take a look at some of the features that sets apart the Dietz Taima XC from its competitors. 

At the bottom, we've got four air filled wheels made by Schwalbe, they make high end tyres for road bikes, mountain bikes and scooters, so you know you're in really good hands with them. 

You can let a little air out if you're going to be walking across bumpy surfaces, or if you know you'll be on the road, put a little more air in, so you get an even smoother ride. 

A nice benefit we see as well for when you're going out shopping on dark nights or winter for example, are side and front reflectors which means when you're in dark situations, maybe there's traffic, or people around you, they'll be able to see you and know you're there.

On the side we have one of our favourite features in a rollator that we've looked at so far, and that's a cane holder! So we've got one of our favourite Classic Canes, coming in a really tasteful wood finish, and all we do is pop the bottom in to the tray, and click it in, and it's that simple! And you've got access to everything still, and it doesn't interfere with your arms or brakes.

So, taking a look at the basket, which is always important with a rollator, because independence with things like shopping is one of the reasons we'd get a mobility aid like this. We've got a nice basket at the front, which is detachable and comes with separate handles as well. Attached to that, we've got a seat, one of the most comfortable seats that we've seen in a rollator, now, the Dietz Taima XC is available with or without a back support, so make sure when you visit us online, you're checking the correct option for the one you want. 

Moving up, we've got adjustable arm lengths, there are so many options to choose from in height, it really is a one size fits all solution.

The brakes are super nice and easy to use, simply pull to put them on once, or a gentle pushdown to lock them in to place. 

We see ergonomic hand grips, one of the best features on a mobility aid like this, we've got the nice palm rests and finger grips underneath. Meaning, you're always in control of your rollator.

If you'd like to know more about the Dietz Taima XC Rollator, or anything in our Dietz mobility aids range, visit us in store, give us a call or visit the product link here, we're more than happy to help.