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Dementia Action Week

Posted by Jamie McKay on May 14, 2021

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Dementia Action Week is from 17th to 23rd May 2021 and we thought we would look at what happens and how to get involved this year.

What Is Dementia Action Week?

Dementia Action Week is an annual event led by the Alzheimer’s Society, and is a “national event that sees the public coming together to take action to improve the lives of people affected by dementia.”

There are currently around 850,000 people who live with dementia in the UK today and the number of people living with dementia is projected to reach more than 1 million people in just a few years, by 2025.

The video below hits quite hard and may be upsetting to watch, but the message is important and needs to be seen and shared.

What is Planned For Dementia Action Week 2021 This Year?

For Dementia Action Week this year, Alzheimer’s Society is asking for support to “help cure the care system by urging the UK Government to reform social care now.”

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Cure The Care System Petition

Alzheimer’s Society has a Cure The Care System Petition live on their website and they want as many people to sign as possible. Interested? Then why not sign it virtually now and add to your voice to address one of the greatest challenges of our time?

Dementia Action 

One of the differences between Dementia Action Week and other campaigns is the word ‘action.’

As Alzheimer’s Society say on their site:

“While dementia isn’t curable yet, the care system is. We are calling on the Government to cure the care system now by committing to:  Publication of a budgeted, plan with milestones, with reform underway this year. Ensuring their reforms consider not just funding, but also improving the quality of care that people receive.” 

the image is urging us to sign the cure the care system petition

How To Get Involved With Dementia Action Week

As we mentioned earlier, Dementia Action Week is from the 17th to 23rd May 2021, and there are several upcoming events to support and continue to help improve the lives of people who develop dementia this year.

Free Resources

The user-friendly resources available to search through on their website for this year include posters, Zoom backgrounds, and they are organising national Denim For Dementia events this year to raise funds that may help the lives of people living with dementia.

Spread The Word!

You can let friends, colleagues, family and your local community know all about the details of Dementia Action Week by sharing posts and events on social media. Along with news and stories from those who live with dementia when you visit their website, Alzheimer’s Society has Facebook and Twitter pages with information that can be shared.

Any news or event that will draw attention may help the lives of people affected with dementia.

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