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Daily Living Aid Guide - Cups

Posted by Andrew Chapman on January 26, 2022

Welcome to our new series of guides based around daily living aids.

What are daily living aids? The answer is right there! They're pieces of equipment that help someone complete everyday activities and tasks easier.

When you have limited mobility, or a mental impairment, everyday tasks can be a challenge, and that's why we've put together this guide, to try and make life easier.

This time round, we're looking at cups. Our range of quality cups are one of the best in the UK, and at times, it can even be overwhelming to see this many mobility aids in one place.

Don't forget, a lot of our daily living aids are available with vat exemption, so if you're eligible, then make sure you double-check the listing when you're viewing.

Handy Cup

Let's start right at the beginning, with one of our most popular cups we've ever stocked, the Handy Cup. When someone mentions kitchen aids, or drinking aids, we think – Handy Cup.

The Handy Cup reduces the possibility of accidental spills, thanks to its spouted design and specially designed wide base. The perfect combination of style and practicality, the Handy cup is designed to support independent living, especially for those with limited dexterity.

An image of a red mobility aid handy cup

Made from hard-wearing plastic that is dishwasher and microwave safe, you know the Handy Cup will last the test of time. The Handy Cup is one of the best products if you're looking for a general purpose mobility aid for yourself, or another person.

The Handy Cup is available in several colours; Blue, Red, Green and Clear.

Wade Dignity Two Handled Mug

The Wade Dignity Two Handled Mug is one of the best examples of a daily living aid for someone with a physical, or mental impairment, designed to perfection.

This mug is robust, durable, dishwasher and microwave safe, and developed in conjunction with a medical professional. And if you didn't already know just what the brilliant backstory of this mug is, let me tell you.An image of three wade dignity two handled mugs

Wade Ceramics started back in 1810, making it one of the original ceramic manufacturers in England. The research behind this mug was led by Professor Andrews and her team in the Dementia Services Development Centre.

We also have a complete range of other Wade Dignity disability aids on our website. But the daily living aids we'll be looking at here are the spoutless Wade Dignity Two Handled Mug, the standard spout Wade Dignity Two Handled Feeder Mug and the Wade Dignity Two Handled Feeder Mug with pierced spout.

an image of the wade dignity two handled feeder cup

All of these daily living aids feature the same body, but with the main difference being the spout. The spoutless Wade Dignity Two Handled Mug is great for anyone who suffers from tremors, arthritis, or poor grip, but are otherwise able bodied, as this doesn't have a spill resistant design, it's just easier to hold.

The Wade Dignity Two Handled Feeder Mug features a wide aperture spout, which is fantastic for preventing spills, allowing for a comfortable, stable position while using the cup. If you find though, that the flow rate is too fast, we also have a pierced spout option which slows the flow rate, making an easier experience while maintaining a level of independence during daily image of a wade dignity feeder cup with pierced spout

You can pair these daily living aids with the Wade Dignity Two Handled Teapot, if like us, you prefer to use tea leaves (or you have to make a cup of tea for EVERYONE as soon as that kettle goes on!).

Plastic Feeder Cup with Wing Handles

The Plastic Feeder Cup with Wing Handles is a great mobility aid for providing extra stability and more control when you drink. This cup can help you live independently, and provides many benefits to the daily task of drinking. A safe solution to getting the drink you need, as the wing handles provide a supreme level of control with its easy to grip, ribbed surface.

With the Plastic Feeder Cup with Wing Handles, we have two different lids which are suitable for different situations. We have the choice between a narrow 4 mm spout (0.2 inch) and a large 8 mm (0.3 inch) spout.Image of a clear feeder cup with wing handles

The large 8 mm (0.3 inch) spout is better suited to thicker fluids, such as soups, pureed foods, blended food, or milkshakes. The larger spout provides a more controlled flow which also helps to prevent accidental spills. The smaller 4 mm (0.2 inch) spout provides benefit when using everyday liquids, such as coffee, tea and juice.

This mobility aid is made from tough and durable plastic, providing safety to any person using this – if this mug is accidentally dropped, it won't break.

Clear Polycarbonate Mug

A long-lasting and durable mobility cup with an easy carry and hold handle. The Clear Polycarbonate Mug actively prevents staining and has excellent insulation, meaning this cup makes life easier in more than one way!

With additional safety provided by the unbreakable construction, this cup has a large capacity of 300 ml (10.6 fl.oz), meaning less frequent top-ups!an image of mobility aid clear polycarbonate mug from ability superstore

Supplied with two lids, one a spill-proof daily life lid and the other a controlled flow drinking spout, this Clear Polycarbonate Mug essentially becomes two mobility aids in one!

In addition to all these great features, if you're currently dealing with a health condition that requires measured liquid intake, the Clear Polycarbonate Mug has measuring gradations on the side, allowing easier independent measurement of liquid in your own home.

Clear Drinking Cup with Two Spouts

The final spot on our list goes to the Clear Drinking Cup with Two Spouts. Made from hard-wearing plastic, this cup allows for independent drinking, as the spout design reduces the chances of spluttering, or choking.

Finding the right kitchen aids and dining aids enable independent drinking for those with a weak grip, the elderly, or people with a image of the clear drinking cup with two spouts

While the Clear Drinking Cup with Two Spouts doesn't feature a handle, its compact design is easy to hold.

Thanks to its dishwasher safe design, this Clear Drinking Cup with Two Spouts is easy to keep clean and sterile, too.

Daily Living Aids

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