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Care Home Activities for Father’s Day

Posted by Natalie . on

Father’s Day is fast approaching and every dad deserves some appreciation, so fathers in a care home are no exception. No matter what your situation is, there are plenty of fun and exciting activities for you and your dad to enjoy this Sunday.

Depending on your father’s mobility, a day trip out is a perfect way to spend the day. Think about what he enjoys doing and plan a calm yet fun day for both of you. If your dad is a wheelchair user, make sure to take him somewhere which is accessible, such as a park with even terrain or somewhere with working lifts. If your dad has dementia or Alzheimer’s, a good idea would be to take him somewhere nostalgic, like the street he grew up on or another location from the past which he might remember.

If your father is unable to leave his care home for the day, why not take Father’s Day to him? A homemade present means a lot, so try baking a cake or crafting a card to show your appreciation for your dad. Simply sitting down and chatting to your father can mean a great deal to him and it’s a happy way to reminisce and look back over your memories together.

Another homemade gift idea could be a memory book, which is particularly ideal if your dad has dementia and struggles to recall events. Gather your family and friends around and ask them if they could contribute something to put in the book, such as a photo or a written recollection. Spending Father’s Day reading through the book together is a nostalgic and calming way to spend the day and it can also help to improve your dad’s cognitive skills by remembering things.

If your father has grandchildren, bring them along to the care home to spend the day with him. Intergenerational activities can massively help conversational skills for older people and decrease the risk of loneliness, whilst encouraging quality time with grandchildren. Seeing their grandchildren is a perfect gift for Father’s Day and will help your father realise how loved and appreciated he is.

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