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Ability Superstore’s Mobility Aids Top 10s

Posted by Mike Phipps on June 9, 2021

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Everyone loves lists and Top 10s, don’t they?

However, sometimes, lists of top 10 products aren’t always what they appear to be, with manufacturers sponsoring some of the products, just so that they appear in the list!

Our New Top 10 Guides

We’re proud to announce our new feature of top 10 products. We will be taking a look at a wide variety of mobility aids, from bathing aids to walking aids, independent living aids to make life that little bit easier in the kitchen, items to support those with limited mobility, products to help those who have limited upper body strength, mobility scooters and a wide variety of other products, all designed to give a little extra support and help to those with any sort of mobility issues.

So, Who Chooses the Top 10s?

If you Google the term ‘walking aids’, ‘wheeled walking frames’, ‘wheelchairs’, ‘rollators’, or any other mobility aid you can think of, you will come across several websites for online shops, all showcasing their Top 10.

However, we believe that it’s important for a healthcare professional to give their advice. Which is why we’ve asked our medical professional, Kate Makin, Occupational Therapist (or OT) to write our Top 10 Guides.

Is It The Right Product For You?

Everyone has different needs and requirements and it is important that you do take the correct advice when purchasing a mobility product which is used to help make independent living that little bit easier, providing more support and in turn greater freedom.

However, particularly in current times of a global pandemic, it’s not always easy to visit your local healthcare professional to obtain this advice.

Researching The Right Product

Instead, you may wish to research products online, or speak to someone on the phone. It’s important to do your homework when checking out which mobility aid may be the right one for you, or a loved one.

We also recognise how difficult it can be to acknowledge that you need some assistance and advice to help you with walkingbathing, or any aspect of your everyday living.

It can also be difficult when you start searching online, or in printed catalogues, and are faced with thousands of products, all claiming to do something similar.

Is There A Better Way? 

Here at Ability Superstore, we like Top 10s, but we recognise that they need to be selected professionally, to ensure that we are providing the very best advice for our customers.

Ability Superstore’s Top 10s

The aim of our regular Top 10 mobility feature is to provide great service and many benefits for our customers.

Our First Top 10 – Walking Aids

A wheelchair and a walking frame along with a TOP 10 Walking Aids logo

Kate’s first Top 10 is all about – Walking Aids – including items such as rollators, wheeled Zimmer frames, walking frames, walking sticks and walking canes with gel handles. By having our Top 10s recommended by an Occupational Therapist, we hope to make the information gathering process less time consuming and provide a faster checkout process for our customers.

Mobility Aids Reviewed By A Professional

With our Top 10s, you will be able to browse our extensive selection of mobility aids whenever you like, and then look at Kate’s Top 10 Mobility Aids.

Over time, we are aiming to have a helpful Top 10 on all key mobility equipment including walking aids, wheelchairs, walking frames, mobility scooters, various accessories and other key products. Kate will give you her professional opinion, based on years of experience and, importantly, feedback from her own customers.

Our Mobility Aids Top 10s will form a collection of helpful guides to the world of mobility products, ones that you can bookmark for future use and return to time after time.

Other Advice

Alongside our Mobility Aids Top 10 features, we already have a bank of How To Guides… for all the different types of bathing aids, daily living products, walking aids, raised toilet seats, shower stools, mobility scooters and other aids on our website. For example, one of our most popular user guides is all about measuring for and using a walking stick. You can read this guide if you click here.

How To Guides

If you browse through our How To… Guides menu, you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please do let us know!

We are constantly updating information on our website. If we can make life easier for one person, then we are more than happy to research, look into and provide advice, as and where needed.

Sometimes, you may not even know what product you require, or even realise that a product exists! Most people have heard of and seen an item such as a mobility scooter, but how about an item that is cost effective and helps to remove electric plugs from their sockets, particularly useful if you suffer from weakened grip, or arthritis – Plug Tugs.

This is why we have a section on our website where you can search by condition.

Guides by Condition

For example, if you, or someone you know has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes and you are unsure what type of equipment, or mobility aids are available, you can go to the search by condition menu on our website. You will see the Diabetes section, which displays our mobility aids gathered together on one easy to read page.

Our useful information also includes other areas of help that could be useful for you and your family, from support groups to charitable organisations.

We have also created a selection of mobility tips and hints by room type.

For example, you may want to know what type of support, such as a walking frame, or wheelchair, is available for your bedroom, in which case you can take a look at our Bedroom Guide

Or you may be interested in what types of mobility aids would suit you when you are out and about in the fresh air, such as a mobility scooter, or accessories for mobility scooters, a wheelchair, a rollator with four wheels or a simple walking stick, in fact a wide range of living aids. For this, we have an Outdoor Mobility Aids Guide right here for you.

How to Get In Touch

Are there any particular mobility aids you would like to have in a Top 10? Or any products, or equipment that you would like to get Kate’s expert opinion on?

You can email us at, or phone us free on 0800 255 0498 and speak to our Customer Service team.