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5 Easy New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Emily . on

With 2018 nearly over, it’s time to make some resolutions for 2019. Whilst new year’s resolutions can be hard to stick to, there are plenty of promises you can make, and easily keep. We’ve listed our top five resolutions, along with tips and products which will help you to keep them.

Getting active

Probably one of the most common resolutions that people make, but not everyone finds it easy to keep. It can be difficult to motivate yourself into going for a run in the miserable January weather, whilst still thinking longingly about all the mince pies you had at Christmas. Fortunately, products like our pedal exerciser enable you to strengthen your leg and arm muscles comfortably and with ease. Use it whilst reading, watching TV or simply relaxing, to see some effective results.

Eating healthier

After eating large helpings of turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and chocolates throughout the Christmas period, deciding to eat healthy in January may seem impossible. With products like our GreenSaver Produce Keeper, you can easily store delicious portions of fruit or salad in your fridge, or chop up some yummy veg for a hot comforting soup with our Chop 2 Pot item.

Improving concentration

Another popular resolution to make, after the relaxing Christmas period. With an increase in smartphone apps designed to increase cognitive skills, there are many fun and exciting ways to exercise your mind. Have a game of cards with our wide range of card game products — if you don’t know how to play any, then now is a great time to learn. Or you could enjoy a good book, with the help of our bookworms products which are perfect for immersing yourself in the literary world.

Meeting new people

A goal many people set themselves at the start of the new year. It can be easy to stay indoors and miss out on social occasions, due to the gloomy January weather and the Christmas comedown. Social groups can improve conversational skills and be beneficial to your mental health, whilst providing you with the opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. Age UK has links to social groups specifically for older individuals, to reduce loneliness and isolation.

Getting more quality sleep

This is an important way to ensure that you wake up feeling healthy and refreshed. The days are getting longer again now but it can still be a struggle to feel wide awake in those dark mornings. If getting more sleep is one of your resolutions for 2018, the key to keeping it is a comfy cushion or a snug blanket. Our pillows, supports and blankets are perfect for getting a good night’s sleep.

Have you made any new year’s resolutions for this 2018? Let us know by tweeting us @AbilitySStore.

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