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How To Buy Chairs And Seating

A lady sitting in an armchair reading a book

Chairs and other seating aids are important for providing comfort, support and relief when sitting down, whether it be for a meal, to improve posture, or simply for socialising. With lots of different variations, our handy guide makes it easier to know which chair is right for you.

Needs and requirements when buying a chair

The most important things to consider when buying a chair are why you need it. If you’re buying a chair which you will be spending a lot of time sitting in, something comfortable and pressure relieving is a must to prevent the build-up of sores, whilst something with a high back is better for support the lumbar region.

Things to consider before buying a chair:

  • Your own body weight and height
  • Your strength and ability - will you need help transferring?
  • The chair’s purpose - dining, relaxing, pressure relieving?
  • How long on average will you be sat in it?
  • Does it need to be portable or adjustable?


Living room chairs

If you’re looking for a chair for relaxing comfortably in the lounge, an armchair is an ideal product for providing the utmost comfort and support. Choose from either a single or dual motor chair, which can recline into a comfortable snooze position and raise to gently tilt you to your feet. Dual motor chairs are more ideal if you’re wanting a chair which keeps your legs elevated without reclining the backrest. For more support to the lumbar region, a high back chair is recommended to relieve pressure from the back and help improve posture. They can be adjustable or fixed height.

A collection of chairs

Products shown: Indiana Rise & Recline Chair, Adjustable High Back Chair,  Queen Anne Chair

Rising aids

Depending on your ability, you may require something smaller and more portable than a chair. Chair risers are ideal if you only need a slight boost from your seat and their smaller size means they can be used on different chairs in your home, or even taken on holiday with you. If you want a slightly more permanent solution, wooden furniture raisers are ideal for lifting your chair to a level which is right for you, whilst a seat cushion is more portable and easy to remove when you don’t require it.

Various raising objects

Products shown: Panda Bamboo Furniture Raisers, Medeci Furniture Raisers, Uplifting Seat, Assist-A-Tray