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Talking Scales with Measuring Jug

Product Code: 56443v

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  • Clear to see LCD 
  • Dictates the measurements in a clear , loud voice
  • Can be used for solids on the flat, and liquids, with the jug
  • Measures in ounces and pounds, as well as grams and millilitres
  • Has a 5kg capacity
  • Simple use buttons
  • Jug included has ergonomic, non-slip handle
  • Ideal for those with limited vision 

As well as using an LCD display to inform the user of the measurements, this product will read out the measurements to the user in a loud and clear English voice.

It can be used to measure the volumes of liquids as well as the weight of solids, thanks to an optional jug. The product can measure in grams, ounces, and pounds, as well as volume in millilitres. There are also easy to use tactile buttons, as well as a 5kg capacity. These talking scales are the perfect gift for those with a passion for baking or cooking, but who are developing sight issues over time.

You can also purchase a replacement jug separately. 

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