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Good Care Month – July 1st to 31st

Posted by Zoe Stitt on June 30, 2022

Two hands reaching towards each, as though in a caring gesture. The words – July is Good Care Month – can be seen

Imagine it’s the 1st January 2020 and you’re looking forward to a new year of opportunities and fresh starts. Could you have predicted the chaos and devastation that was to come? We couldn’t.

So many people were, and still are, affected by Covid-19; we've lost loved ones, we stayed at home, businesses struggled to stay afloat, children didn’t go to school and we all felt, and feel, the impact of the global pandemic in so many ways.

However, out of the darkness of 2020 came moments of light.

We began to truly appreciate the health care sector. We clapped and banged pans on our doorsteps as an act of solidarity to let them know we were thankful for them and for the sacrifices they were making to care for the people we love.

We don’t want the thousands of people in the care sector to ever forget how thankful for them we are, that’s why we’re proud to support Good Care Month and join people all over the country in celebrating our care workers.

Image of several healthcare workers, in different uniforms, making heart signs with their fingers.

What is Good Care Month?

Good Care Month spans the whole of July and aims to not only celebrate health care workers from the social sector, but to acknowledge their hard work and the importance of the services they provide to a huge number of people.

The initiative was conceived by Hertfordshire Care Providers Authority (HCPA) with the view of raising the profile of care workers in the social sector. They ask care institutions and individuals who work in the sector to share stories and achievements from the past 12 months, to help engage with the public and raise awareness of what a career in care means.

They encourage organisations to plan activities which involve the local area, and then ask them to submit photographs which can be displayed on the website. Previous years have seen park picnics, golf tournaments, pamper days and even Athletic style competitions in which whole villages took part.

A popular part of Good Care Week is following adventures of the care mascot – Bugsy McGnome!

Bugsy McGnome is a garden gnome who travels the length and breadth of the country, joining and sharing in the activities that are happening across the month.

People who are lucky enough to receive a visit from Bugsy are asked to take photographs to document how they’ve been spending their time with him and share them with the HCPA, so that everyone can see what he’s been up to.

One of the main aims of Good Care Week is to inspire people to choose a career in the care sector and show them the benefits of doing so.

The HCPA runs a year-round recruitment service and helps to find candidates, screen them and then support them, as they take on their new role in care.

By raising awareness of what the life of a care worker looks like, along with showing how rewarding care can be as a career, the HCPA hopes to challenge people’s perceptions around caring careers and help people make an informed decision about choosing to follow a career in the care sector.

Image of a garden gnome - Bugsy McGnome - in the left corner with the hash tags good care and good care month on a green background

Who are Hertfordshire Care Providers Association?

Hertfordshire Care Providers Authority (HCPA) was established in 2008 with the primary purpose of acting as a negotiating committee between care homes and Hertfordshire council. As members of the authority grew, the HCPA quickly became one of the most well respected and developed provider associations in the country.

HCPA's sector led approach between local government and care providers has proved so popular that as of today, they have over many members and manage over £3 million on behalf of the government, which they use to provide training by means of a programme that have reached over 13,000 people.

HCPA are passionate about their aim, which is to create a county where all adults have access to high quality care, administered by people who are committed to improving the lives of others. They offer a host of resources, as well as information based and emotional support for care workers, including fully funded eye tests, specialist toolkits and insurance.

Image of an elderly lady sat down facing a window, a female healthcare worker has a hand on the elderly lady's back whilst she smiles at her

What Can I Do?

Good Care Week is aimed at both people working in the sector and the general public.

If you work in the care sector, you can get involved by arranging events within your place of work, or the local community. This could be anything from a themed dinner with the residents of the care home you work in, to a sporting event where the whole village gets involved. By taking photographs and videos and then sharing them with HCPA, you’re helping to raise the profile of care workers and showing people how much fun and rewarding a career in care can be.

If you don’t work in the care sector, it’s likely that you know someone who does, or that you don’t live too far from a place that provides care. Why not call into your local care home with a box of chocolates, or biscuits, to show them how much you appreciate them? Or speak up on social media about how much we value our care workers? You can even keep an eye out for local events organised by care sector workers to see which ones you can attend and get involved with. The more we can spread the word about Good Care Month, the closer HCPA are to achieving their goal.

It's also important to realise how challenging a career in the social care sector can be, often the emotional strain that comes with caring for another person can result in mental health issues, that's why we want to make sure we check in with our care workers, and let them know we're supporting them.

An older woman is in a kitchen, using a walking frame. A male healthcare worker supports her whilst she walks by holding the front of the walking frame.

What is Ability Superstore Doing?

Here at Ability Superstore, we deal with people from the social care sector every day, providing them with aids that help make their jobs and the lives of their clients easier. We want to let the social care sector know that we appreciate them and support them by helping raise awareness around the sector and continuing to offer a huge choice of products which can vastly improve the lives of people needing care all over the country.

We supply many care companies and homes with items from wheelchairs and rollators to promote a non-sedentary lifestyle, to evacuation sledges and toilet frames, ensuring that those requiring care are as safe as possible.

We’re passionate about making a difference, which is why we always have an eye on the market, seeing what new products and aids we can offer to our customers to make their lives easier.

You can take a look at our website or give us a call on 0161 8500 884 and speak to one of our friendly and experienced team, if you want to know more.