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Visual Time Fun Kit

Product Code: 60985

£64.00 inc VAT

The visual Fun Time Kit is a collection of useful sensory therapy resource tools, specifically creating stimulation through visual aids. In the kit, there are 8 separate items that stimulate the senses in different ways. With the array of resources, there comes a free Fun Kit Bag, which makes tidying up so much easier. It also allows the resource kit to be taken away with you. Within the kit there is an LED spinner, which will display a series of moving colours that attract the attention of anybody nearby. There are also a variety of clever visual aids. An innovative kaleidoscope creates a display of stunning colourful patterns. A rainbow tube is another piece of equipment that capitalises on the use of colour as a therapy tool. A spiral timer and a mini gunge tube use oils and gels to create a captivating lava lamp type display. Users are encouraged to interact with the tools, helping them to discover that they can bring on the effects, developing control and dexterity. A storm ball and glitter globe put on shimmering displays when shaken. There is also a dinky glitter tube, for easy visuals wherever you may be. This inexpensive fun time kit can stimulate or soothe a child as needed.

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