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UV Time Fun Kit

Product Code: 60986

£73.00 inc VAT

The UV Time Fun Kit is a collection of useful sensory therapy resource tools, specifically creating stimulation through visual aids. This kit requires the special lighting supplied by a UV lamp. There is a UV torch supplied in the kit for ease. This UV kit contains 15 items that can stimulate the sense of sight in a host of different ways. With the array of resources, there comes a free Fun Kit Bag, which makes tidying up so much easier. It also allows the resource kit to be brought with a person on the move. The UV torch can highlight the desired effect for an impressive visual show. It is handheld and compact for ease of use. There is a scrunchy dinosaur and a tactile centipede, which will both glow when under the UV light. There are a series of balls available to play with; such as the atom ball, the squishy tentacle ball, a stretchy bouncy ball, a stubby ball and a spiky light up ball. These can be played with and will put on a fascinating show for the user. Also in the kit, there are a set of four spiky wristbands, wearable kit that will react to UV light. On top of all this there is a mega slinky and two rattle sticks. Sounds are made when interacting with these items as well. A must have for anybody who would benefit from visual sensory therapy.

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