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Theraband Flexible Hand Bar Exerciser

Product Code: 32004

£21.98 inc VAT

This is a collection of lightweight, portable exercisers, which can be used to strengthen muscles in the hand, wrist and shoulder. Using a device such as this can help build muscle and increase strength of users, which can have a positive impact on both mental and physical health. When the exerciser is used, the user can experience improved co-ordination and an increased range of motion. There is also a removable flexion band, which adds the ability to perform finger extensions. Coming with the exerciser is an instruction manual, explaining what different exercised may be performed. The Hand bar exerciser can be used to perform oscillation movements for neuromuscular and balance training, and for soft tissue and joint mobilisation. A range of Theraband flexible Hand Bar exercisers which can build up strength in the user's hand The different colours signal a different difficulty Using the band can improve dexterity in the hand as well as hand eye coordination Maintaining good fitness levels and range of motion in the hands becomes even more important as we get older A removable flexion band adds the ability to perform finger extensions if required Length 30cm. Diameter 5cm. Available in five resistances in five different colours: Tan - xx light Yellow - x light Red - light Green - medium Blue - heavy Black - x heavy

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