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Relaxing Sensory Kit

Product Code: 60990

£61.00 inc VAT

The Relax Time Fun Kit is a collection of useful sensory therapy resource tools, designed to soothe and relax those who interact with them. For users who require mental stimulation, sensory therapy can be highly effective. When individuals become over stimulated, they may need to calm down, which is facilitated by these soothing items. With the array of resources, there comes a free Fun Kit Bag, which makes tidying up so much easier. It also allows the resource kit to be brought with a person on the move. Within the kit, there are a variety of items, which can be used to wind down before bed time. In the kit there is a glitter tube and light up bubble tube, as well as a wavy timer. These items are effective at calming through visual action. The gentle flow, be it glitter, bubbles or oils is mesmerising to watch and helps to ignore distractions. There is also a colour changing egg that cycles through a series of colours slowly, in a relaxing gentle motion. Other tactile items are in the bag. A head tingle can gently massage the head, while a bug massager can be used on other parts of the body. A textured tangle is enjoyable to fiddle with, supplying therapy through the sense of touch. So that children can be comfortable at night, the perfect companion is a heat "“up 'cosy cuddles' stuffed animal. When warmed they are great to cuddle up to before bed.

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