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Medpage MP5V2 Seizure Monitor

Product Code: 48605

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  • Provides bedtime convulsive seizure detection 
  • Supplied with two alarm pagers 
  • Integral microphone featured to detect vocalisations that might be the starting of a seizure 
  • Inbuilt mattress sensor 
  • Works for any patient above 4kg 

 The MP5V2 uses patented technology to provide bedtime convulsive seizure detection for all ages. It uses a high specification microprocessor to analyse sleeping movements (including movements indicative of breathing) of a patient. Typical convulsive seizure activity detected by the advanced sensor is recognized by the system software resulting in alarm generation. The MP5V2 is supplied with 2 alarm pagers. Simple controls are provided for movement detection sensitivity, alarm delay, and for integral microphone used to detect vocalizations proceeding or during a seizure. No alarm for cessation of breathing. Comes with under mattress sensor. Features - Nocturnal Convulsive Seizure Detector - Alarm to pager / nurse call / call center - Computerised movement analysis & control - Suitable for most bed types - Under mattress sensor, Paitents above 4kg - Tamper proof controls - Battery back up - Fault reported to alarm pagers - Patented British technology - International approvals & availability - 36 month warranty The MP5V2 can record and store two different bed/patient set up settings. This is useful when a patient moves from one bed to another, or from one location to another. Each set up configuration is indicated by different coloured LED lights. Bed sensor sensitivity, Microphone sensitivity and delay control settings are stored. Manual adjustment of all settings can only be preformed in set up mode, and therefore is tamper-proof.

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