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Liquid Level Indicators

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Eyesight problems can affect daily life in a large manner of ways. There are many day to day tasks that can be taken for granted by many, but that those with poor vision can struggle with. One of these is the simple task of pouring a drink, as those with eyesight problems have the risk of overflowing. This is dangerous as it creates a slip hazard, and even more so if it is a hot drink. These liquid indicators sit on the rim of the cup and gives out and auditable tone when the liquid touches the probe, the tone speeds up if the second probe is reached. This blue probe alerts the user as to what is happening and tells them when to stop. A small probe that makes a noise when liquid is detected This goes on the side of the cup to measure how high the water goes up A noise will sound if the level gets too high This alerts individuals with poor eyesight to stop pouring their drink if they wish to avoid a spill Batteries are included

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