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Homecraft Foam Handled One Handed Cutlery

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These stainless steel utensils, mounted into the lightweight foam handle, can be used for one handed eating by combining cutlery functions. The splayed fork is a pronged fork with edges designed for cutting food and a deep rounded body which functions like a spoon. The Nelson knife is a knife with a cutting edge, which ends as a curved pronged fork, to enable food to be picked up. The foam is comfortable to hold and washable (although not recommended for dishwashers). These two pieces of cutlery make mealtimes easier for people who struggle with grip and movement in their hands. The shape of these utensils mean users do not have to strain themselves, with the foam handles ensuring that they are comfortable while they eat their meals. Being able to feed yourself with ease is a major way in which to maintain independence and confidence. This is a handy set of cutlery for people who have trouble with their hands There is a splayed fork that can cut and scoop food Also a Nelson Knife can cut food and be used as an angled fork Foam handles make gripping easier and much more comfortable Safe for washing by hand Dimensions: Handle Length: 115mm (4.5") Diameter: 28mm (1.1")

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