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Folding Rubber Handled Walking Stick

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£19.99 inc VAT

  • Folds down when not in use
  • 73.6 cm to 83.8 cm
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Rubber ferrules
  • Bright colours

These sticks have a comfortable rubber handle, ergonomically designed to work in both the left and right hand. The rubber is soft to touch and easy to grip. The height of the walking stick handle can be adjusted to suit each user's specific requirements, with a range from 73cm up to 84cm. The stylish walking sticks offer a high level of support and comfort to the user. The sticks are also extremely portable thanks to the built-in folding mechanism, which make the stick small and compact. This is then the perfect size to go into a handbag or large pocket. This collection of walking sticks are available in 5 striking block colours, both stylish and visible. There is a sturdy aluminium construction and a rubber ferrule on the base which can prevent slips by generating a lot of friction, offering the user support they can rely on. When the wrist strap is used, if the stick is dropped, it will not fall to the floor, but instead hang from the wrist, making it easier to retrieve. 

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