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Elbow and Heel Protector

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£25.99 inc VAT

The 3mm thick polyurethane pad is held in place by a stretchable, soft terry loop material inside with a flat knit on the outside. The foam pad is tacked to the material to prevent slippage, yet it allows the user to move the joint without a shearing effect. Five colour coded sizes available - for use on either the elbow or heel. Machine washable. Sold in pairs. Small - yellow - circumference 150-240mm (6-9.5 inches) - length 235mm (9.25 inches) Medium - blue - circumference 165-280mm (6.5-11 inches) - length 235mm (9.25 inches) Large - white - circumference 180-320mm (7-12.5 inches) - length 235mm (9.25 inches) X large - green - circumference 190-343mm (7.5-13.5 inches) - length 235mm (9.25 inches) XX large - beige - circumference 230-420mm (9-16.5 inches) - length 310mm (12.25 inches)

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