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Easy Grip Radar Key For Disabled Toilets

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£8.99 exc VAT

The Radar Key offers independent access to disabled people to around 9,000 locked public toilets around the country. The Radar key scheme was launched with the ambition of making access to disabled toilets much more accessible for people living with disabilities. Through locking the disabled toilets with a Radar lock, businesses are able to keep them cleaner, ensuring that they are safe for use by individuals living with disabilities. The Radar key is exceptionally sturdy and much larger than everyday keys. This means that they are easier to access when in a bag or on a keyring. The bow-shaped handle has been made to be wide, this makes it easier to grip and turn for individuals living with conditions such as arthritis. The wider handle makes it easier to obtain leverage to turn the lock.

Specifications: Length: 105mm (4 inches) Depth: 45mm (1.75 inches) Width: 20mm (.75 inches) Weight: 15g (.5oz)

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