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Cordless Mouse Magnifier

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£140.99 inc VAT

* Adjustable focus "“ use over the top of documents and images or to view items across the room from you * 7 zoom levels "“ ideal for a range of sight impairments * 5 viewing modes "“ find the colour scheme and contrast setting that work best for you! * Plug the base receiver into your TV and use the cordless mouse magnifier from up to 5m away * Lightweight, portable and with carry case included "“ great to take with you on the go * USB convertor available to purchase separately "“ please contact a member of our team for more details These days it seems like everything important is on a screen, right? If we put aside the nagging that tells us to get away from the box and into the fresh air for a few minutes each day, we can start to see the positives of having many important documents presented to us digitally "“ adjustable screen zoom, resolution and colour contrast means we can view those tricky forms however suits us best. What to do, then, when the postman knocks and brings with him that most dreaded of nemeses "“ the on-paper document. How do we scroll? Where's the zoom button? What if we just don't want to look at all? If we draw a little "œX"? will it all just go away? Well, probably not, and we can't magic away that 5-page (double sided) letter from your great aunt, either. What we can do is let you view your documents, photos and more "“ exactly the way you want to. Our innovative cordless mouse magnifier was designed to be as user friendly as possible; to that end, it's packed to bursting with features guaranteed to go easy on your eyes. Whether you're partially sighted or just don't appreciate hours spent with your nose to a page, trying to decipher tiny print "“ this is the freedom you've been searching for. Simply plug the base unit into your TV and the cordless magnifier is ready to use from up to 5 metres away. An Adjustable focus lets you use this magnifier much like a computer mouse directly over the top of a document or image. Alternatively, hold the magnifier vertically to get a closer look at something across the room from you with no need to leave your favourite chair. This handy little magnifier boasts every feature you'd expect from a computer "“ 7 zoom settings adjust to your requirements; 5 viewing modes let you fiddle with the colour contrast to optimise your viewing experience and the clever frame capture function takes a snapshot of the item you're looking at. Settle in for a closer look with no need to worry about holding the item steady. Documents, photographs and more "“ our incredibly multifunctional cordless mouse magnifier has you covered. Specifications: Box Includes: Reader / Magnifier, wired base unit, carry pouch, connection cables and mains adapter Cordless Operation Zone: 5m Rechargeable Battery Life: 4hrs

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