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Care Call Vibrating Pager Unit

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£97.00 exc VAT

Please note: This item requires the Care Call Trickle Charger in order to work. Lightweight and discreet, this fully portable vibrating pager unit in blue with internal rechargeable battery is worn by the user on the belt, in a pocket or by using the neck cord supplied. The unit's internal battery is recharged using the Car Call trickle charger (please see under Related Items below for details). It provides 24 hour response to notification from the full range of Care Call monitors. The alert options include: Person to person key fob/pendant Chair leaving alarm Fall alarm Audio monitor Magnetic door monitor PIR movement monitor Bed leaving alarm Low monitor battery The unique Surekey feature, together with a strong vibration and night time vibrating pillow pad, makes the pager the ideal solution to aid the carer by giving a quick and positive notification of the activation of any of the monitors coded to that pager. The pager is also available in yellow (by special order) for those who may prefer or require a more visible unit. Where additional monitors of the same type are required, such as when monitoring several doors or individuals in different rooms, it is simple to select different keys on the pager for each monitor. Up to 12 individual monitors can be programmed to illuminate different keys or pairs of keys on the pager, giving the carer plenty of flexibility when setting up the system. An instant communication system for carers and patients There is a visible, clear to read backlit display It has a Surekey feature which enables cancellation of the active key with a visual reminder prompt For monitoring purposes, there is an integral battery level display and low battery notification Long range option extends the open-air range from 100m to 1000m Care Call products come with a 2 year warranty and a free technical helpline Dimensions: Length: 80mm (3") Width: 60mm (2.3") Depth: 20mm (0.75") 

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