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Big Button Telephone

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£14.99 inc VAT

This big button telephone is simple to use and the large print makes the buttons easier to read. To ensure that users can tell when the phone is ringing, there is a large LED flash indicator for incoming calls, aiding those with a hearing impairment. The large buttons are easier to press for users who have limited dexterity. The phone has many features and can be installed with relative ease. The user can choose how loud they would like the ringer and can also edit the volume of the speaker phone. There is a 10 two touch memory and it can be mounted on a wall as well as placed on a table top. Many of the features found on a conventional telephone are also incorporated into this large button product. It comes in a black colour with bold white text. A telephone with large print and buttons to aid those with sight or dexterity problems. The phone has a 10 two touch memory, redial and speakerphone capabilities. The volume of the ringer, handset and speaker phone can all be changed to suit each user's preferences. A large LED flasher can assist those with hearing problems in informing them of incoming calls. The telephone may be mounted on a wall, or placed on a table top and comes in black with white text.

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