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Angled Spout and Anti Spill Lid for Medeci Cup

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£7.99 exc VAT

For use with the Medeci System Cups (please scroll down and see the actual cups below). Options available: A clear anti-spill lid - this lid is designed primarily for people with tremor or limited hand control. It has four holes drilled in the to the - three on one side and one on the opposite. The user may choose to drink through either the side with three holes or the side with just one hole, according to the flow rate preferred. The primary purpose of this anti-spill top is to contain the drink in the cup. This is a benefit for those who suffer from tremor or have just limited hand control and hence are at risk of spilling or splashing the contents of the cup. Angled spout lid - this lid has an angled spout for people who find it difficult to drink from conventional cups or cups with anti-spill tops. The spout is angled at 45 degrees to the horizontal when the cup is partly tipped forward. At this angle, the spout may be used to depress the tongue to assist in control when drinking.

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