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Adjustable Height Stacking Commode

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£58.00 exc VAT

Incontinence problems can be troubling, but with this affordable commode, certain needs can be provided for without the cost. It is a modern and attractive commode that offers comfort and stability within any home or institutional environment. They are ideal for individuals who experience problems with incontinence or mobility issues, and therefore be unable to reach the toilet. The padded blue seat cover and clip-on black toilet seat are easily removed for cleaning. The deluxe version has a padded blue toilet seat that provides the option of additional comfort. The commode pan with handle is simple to remove for waste disposal, and when the padded blue cushion is in place, odours are controlled until cleaning occurs. The height adjustment allows the commode to be tailored to the required position for the user, utilising a simple locking pin method. Available with or without removable armrests, which can assist users in rising up from or lowering themselves down to the seat. This commode comes with rubber ferrules on the base of each leg so that the commode is secure when being used. The non-slip rubber means that more grip is generated, so the commode will not slide back as individuals try to sit down in it. An affordable commode that can assist those who may not be able to make it to the toilet It is a hygienic waste management system, featuring an easily removed commode pan Simple to clean, this commode has a padded blue cushion, and can be used as a seat The commode is height adjustable so that the seat is at the perfect height for each user Non-slip ferrules keep the commode secure, which is available with or without a padded toilet seat or removable armrests.

Technical Specifications:

  • Overall height: 830 to 980mm Overall width: 550mm
  • Overall Depth: 550mm Seat height (padded): 485 to 635mm
  • Seat height (classic): 450 to 600mm
  • Seat width: 450mm
  • Seat depth: 430mm Height to top of armrest: 640mm

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