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Kettles & Tippers

Our range of kettle tippers and lightweight kettles can help make pouring hot drinks safer and easier for anyone. They are particularly useful for people living with limited mobility, or with health conditions that affect dexterity, or grip.

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Our lightweight kettles are perfect for anyone who may struggle to pick up a standard kettle, especially when it is full of water. These mobility aids are designed to be lighter and smaller than standard kettles, but still feature contemporary designs to look good in your kitchen. A lightweight kettle can make the everyday task of boiling water safer, reducing the risk of spills and injuries from scalding. 

Kettle Tippers at Ability Superstore

A kettle tipper is a pouring aid that can fit your normal kettle and help you to tip and pour your kettle safely and easily.

A kettle tipper eliminates the need for lifting your kettle, so it is an ideal mobility aid for those with limited hand strength, or mobility. It’s particularly useful for people with conditions, such as arthritis.

We also stock the popular Uccello kettle and tipper, as seen in The Sun newspaper. This contemporary kettle makes easy work of boiling and pouring water, so you can enjoy a hot drink without any hassle.

These kettles and tippers are useful mobility aids to help keep you independent and safe in the kitchen.

Can I use a kettle tipper with any type of kettle?

While many kettles are compatible with our tippers, it's important to ensure a secure fit. We provide information on compatible kettle models to help you make the right choice.

Are lightweight kettles suitable for travel?

Yes, our lightweight kettles are designed with portability in mind, making them a convenient choice for travel or use in different locations.

How do I clean and maintain my mini kettle?

Cleaning instructions can be found in the product manual provided with your mini kettle. It typically involves a simple process of rinsing and wiping down the interior and exterior surfaces.

Explore our Kettles & Tippers category and find the perfect solution for safe and hassle-free hot beverage preparation. From compact mini kettles to user-friendly kettle tippers, our range is designed to enhance your daily routines. Browse now and experience the convenience of specialized kitchen aids.

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