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Things We (Secretly) Love About British Summers

Posted by Annie Bremmins on June 22, 2018

A pair orange lens sunglasses lying on some sand. The sun can be seen in the distance

Photo by Nitin Dhumal from Pexels

Us Brits always seem to be moaning about something, it’s either “far too hot today” or “why is it raining in July!?”- when it comes to summer, we just don’t know what we want. But we can’t deny that the typical British things that summer brings here, we don’t secretly love every year!

BBQ’s are out in full force

Picking a good day to have a BBQ in Britain is always a hit or miss chance. When the coals do come out, you can expect the smokey smell of sausages and burgers wafting across the neighbourhood and the usual comment of “ooh someone’s having a BBQ!”.  We can’t deny that we relish the fact to lounge in an old camping chair or under a gazebo in the garden with a burger in a bun!

Never knowing whether to take a coat

Unpredictable weather means unpredictable fashion choices. “Does it look like I need a coat?” is uttered many a morning across Britain as the nation ventures outside. Chances are, if you don’t take a coat, it will rain like never before. If you do, you’ll more than likely be carrying it around all day or trying to stuff it into a bag. On the bright side, it will be sunny.

British seasides

Ah, the smell of the salty sea, the taste of fish and chips and the sound of seagulls.  As much as you have to fend off the birds from nipping at your chips, you can’t beat a lovely day at the beach. We might not have those luxurious sandy beaches you see in travel photos, but there are still some great spots around the country to pull up a deck chair and stick your toes in the sand!

The ice cream van

You can’t say that the twinkly noises of your local ice cream man driving down the street doesn’t take you straight back to your childhood of waiting in line for that delicious 99’er. They may not quite be 99p anymore, but you can’t beat a good old Mr Whippy with raspberry sauce and a flake. Even when it's raining.

Venturing on holiday

Whether you're trawling the family to the airport or taking a road trip somewhere, everyone loves a holiday in summer if you get the chance.  The joy of packing, the frustration of airport queues and traffic jams and the rush of putting your towel at the perfect spot at the pool. It’s all part of it. As well as taking time to actually enjoy yourself and relax!

Eating outdoors

Picnics in the park or pub food in the beer garden can mean bugs galore but there’s not much better than enjoying some grub in the sun. You might end up with sandy sandwiches on the beach, but its all part of the fun in the sun, just make sure you don’t get burnt!

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