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Spring is Here! Time to Get Into Your Garden!

Posted by Mike Phipps on April 27, 2023

Wildlife has started to wake, a landscape of browns has turned green and we begin to see the subtle signs of life appearing in the ground – tender shoots cautiously emerging from the soil and bulbs popping up everywhere.

Several drawn daffodils along with the words – Hello Spring

Time to Get Outside

As spring is here, and the days are getting longer at last, it’s time to start going outside and doing some work in your garden, giving it the clean-up you’ve been meaning to do since last Autumn and getting it ready for the year ahead.

Woman in a greenhouse potting some plants into a trough

Gardening can be a fun and rewarding activity. It is satisfying and a great way to exercise, keeping ourselves agile.

However, gardening can sometimes be problematic for those with mobility issues and finding the right gardening tools can be difficult. Luckily, Ability Superstore sells several tools that have been specially designed and created to help.

First Things First

Before you can start the clean-up, the first thing you have to do is to get out into your garden!

This may sound obvious, but getting outside can be challenging for many, and if you have any type of mobility issue, here are some items that might help you feel more secure and safe:

Grab Rails and Grab Bars

Grab rails, sometimes known as grab bars, are beneficial aids for those with reduced mobility, allowing you to enter and exit the home or other buildings safely.

A man standing outside his front door to his house – he is holding onto the Prima Outdoor Grab Rails

The Prima Outdoor Grab Rail can be fixed to the exterior wall of a building or a shed, providing a secure and reliable grip and something secure to hold onto when tackling doorways and steps.

A detail photo of the Prima Outdoor Grab Rail

The Prima rail is tough, with a robust aluminium core and a non-slip handle that will help you avoid slips and falls. It is a dark moss green in colour with black rubberised rings, ensuring that it blends in with the background.

Bigfoot Half Step

The Bigfoot Half Step is our next suggestion to help you get outside safely. This item is popular among people who find the height of a doorstep into and out of their house challenging and this aid helps them to negotiate the step more easily.

A man stepping onto the Bigfoot Half Step that's outside his front door

The Bigfoot Half Step is a step which adjusts in height and is available with or without handles that reduces the height you have to step down, or up, into and out of your house, or any other building. The handrails provide an extra grip to ensure additional security whilst stepping in and out.

The Bigfoot has a secure grip on the ground due to the moulded feet, thus providing the stability that’s often needed.

Raised Beds Making Gardening Easier

Once outside, it’s time to think about the year ahead and how to make gardening easier.

A close up of a raised bed with some plants in it

For example, if you experience difficulty bending down or want to protect your back from stresses and strains, how about building some raised beds?

Stops You From Bending

People with limited mobility find it helpful to garden with raised beds, as they allow them to garden without having to bend over.

A raised bed is an excellent choice to lower the amount of bending when tending to your flowers, plants and vegetables. It is also a great way to create an eye-catching planting area.


Creating a raised bed takes time to build, so in the meantime, if you want to protect your knees, this Folding Garden Kneeler and Stool is both a stool and kneeler at the same time. It is designed with cushioning on both sides to provide comfort and support when kneeling.

With the stool, gardeners can lean over and be supported across their torso while their hands and arms remain free to attend to plants and shrubs.

A woman sitting on the Folding Kneeler and Stool tending to a flower bed

This mobility aid helps distribute the body weight over the stool, making it possible to garden for longer in comfort.

Protects Your Knees

There are many knee-supporting gardening products available on the market. Kneelers provide a comfortable surface to kneel on instead of a hard floor or wet grass. Consequently, you can stay at ground level longer without major hardship to your knees.

A woman is kneeling on the Padded Garden Kneeler while tending to a flower bed

Two of our top choices are the Padded Garden Kneeler, which works as a seat while providing storage for your tools.

A picture of the Home and Garden Memory Foam Folding Kneeler Cushion, open, and on top of some grass

And the Memory Foam Garden Kneeler, a cost-effective and practical aid to protect your knees when gardening.

Gardening Equipment Designed to Help

Now, when you’re ready to start the tidy-up, you may have found that using the standard tools that are for sale generally have difficult-to-grasp handles, or are bulky and awkward to use, often making gardening an uncomfortable pastime. Fortunately, there are some excellent products that have been designed exclusively to address this particular issue.

Introducing Ergonomic Tools

The Easi-Grip selection of garden tools from Peta is ingenious and they have ergonomically angled handles with non-slip grips, enabling you to hold gardening tools comfortably, cutting down the strain on your hands and wrists.

The Easi-Grip Weeder, Trowel and Fork

This amazing selection of mobility aids has plenty of helpful aids, such as a weeder, cultivator, trowel, fork, and even an attachable handle that can be connected to your existing gardening tools, too.

A picture of the Easi-Grip Cultivator, Fork and Trowel

An exciting aspect of this collection of products is that the cultivator, towel, hoe and fork also are available as long-handled tools. This means you can stay upright while using the tools’ extended reach, eliminating the need to bend over while gardening.

Moving Around The Garden

When looking after a garden with several planting areas, we know it can be a pain collecting all the gardening tools and then moving them to the next place that needs some work, as well as enduring the pain in our back and legs from constantly standing up and sitting down.

A picture of a woman sitting o the Garden Seat Roller

A Rolling Garden Seat can be tremendously helpful in decreasing the burden on your legs and back while gardening. One of the best things about this seat is a storage area beneath it where you can place your gardening tools or any other items you need, so it’s easy to move all your mobility aids quickly and easily.

No matter what your gardening requirements might be, you can feel confident that Ability Superstore can help you with a collection of gardening tools that will aid you, and we at Ability Superstore will be here to assist you every step of the way.

We’re Here To Help

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