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Safe Sip – the Safe Way to Drink

Posted by Mike Phipps on October 11, 2021

Welcome to the world of the safe way to drink! The “Safe Sip” is a revolutionary invention providing a reusable drinking aid which fits virtually any drinking vessel and is made from food grade approved silicone.

Two Safe Sips on two glasses with a straw coming out of each

Drink Spiking? Use a Safe Sip Drinking Aid

Drink spiking is the practice of slipping a drug, or alcohol, into someone’s drink, often with the intention of incapacitating them. It usually takes place in a crowded environment, such as a busy pub, or bar, or night club.

Various stats from around the UK re drink spiking

An independent investigation conducted by the BBC found that between 2015 and 2019, there were 2,650 reports of drink spiking in England and Wales; 72 per cent of drink spiking victims were women and around 10 per cent were under the age of 18.

There aren’t any official statistics relating to the crime of drink spiking and it is believed that very many instances often go unreported, meaning that it’s hard to judge the scale of the problem. What is very clear from social media student groups is that drink spiking is a widespread issue.

A – Sorry We Are Closed – sign, hanging in a window

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Between 2015 and 2018 the incidents of drink spiking increased by 108 percent. Covid and the subsequent lockdowns probably helped to reduce drink spiking in 2020 with most bars and clubs closed however, now that we are out of lockdown, more incidents are being reported.

Two colour Safe Sips on two glasses

We are getting many worried parents ringing to order a Safe Sip drinks cover for their student children, as they venture back out to bars and clubs.

We have also seen photos of people using cling film, wrapped across the top of glasses with a straw poked through to ensure that the actual drink itself cannot be tampered with.

A woman drinking a glass of wine through a Safe Sip

The Safe Sip drinks cover allows a drink to be covered securely, keeping it safe and out of harms way. You simply pop a straw through the centre part and the drink can be consumed without any worry.

Independent Drinking

The Safe Sip drinks cover enables safe drinking for people of all ages fitting virtually any glass.

Two children using Safe Sips on top of two glasses

It is ideal for children, ensuring that the drink doesn’t end up all over them, or even worse, over your best carpet, providing spill free drinking!

The Safe Sip drinks cover is also an ideal mobility aid for older individuals, or those who may struggle to hold a cup, or glass full of liquid.

The Safe Sip helps to reduce dehydration when used within a care setting and is less expensive than many alternative drinking aids. Independent living made easy and affordable. Often the simplest ideas are the best!

Safe Drinking Outdoors

No more dramas of a wasp flying in to your drink – or even worse, your kids drink – when out enjoying a picnic! The Safe Sip drinks cover simply slips over the top of the can or glass, to ensure that the drink stays in its place and that no dastardly, pesky flies and other bugs can land in the drink.

Ideal for many different outdoors situations, such as fishing, picnics, walking and outdoors events.

Spill Proof Drinking for All

The Safesip fits virtually any drinking vessel, such as a glass, mug, or can, and provides a hygienic cover and water tight seal, eliminating spills for all.

Simply pop a drinking straw through the centre part of the Safe Sip and it’s ready to use.

The attributes of a Safe Sip i.e. made from food grade material etc

Made from food grade silicone, the Safe Sip is BPA free and is dishwasher and microwave safe. A Safe Sip is freezer safe, too, and is easy to wash and re-use time and again.

Safe Sip – Made in Great Britain

Designed and made in Great Britain, the Safe Sip really is a revolutionary and affordable mobility aid for all and fits most single and double handled cups, too.

Safe Sip – Available in a Range of Colours

Four different colours of the Safe Sips

The Safe Sip drinks cover is available in a range of colours including clear, blue, red, yellow and pink. Why not try one now and discover safe drinking for yourself?